Dear Ken Peters......

Ok.....Ken, I know you read these forums religiously and that's ok. I must say however that I've backed you relentlessly over the past three years but I must say that as a fellow media writer (as half-arsed as I may be), I humbly join in with those who think you are wayyyyyyyyyyyy over using certain terms in your reports....the most glaring ones which come to mind are "launching the leather", "carrying the leather", "trey" etc, etc.....seriously Ken, it's now to the point that this obsession with these terms are tainting what otherwise could be good reports....

My brother who is a seasoned reporter taught me to always make my reports in the simplest of terms so as to attract the interest of the reader who may not understand the subject...and Ken, a reader who is new to football is not going to know what a "trey" it what it is!........a field goal!......educate the reader!

Sorry had me in your corner for the longest time, but man, you are pushing it!

Seriously, as soon as I read "Trey" or "Leather", I just groan now and move on to the next report.

You're a reporter, not a columnist.....just report the facts and I will read your stuff always....

Having said that, I do enjoy your special humourous features you sometimes run as I find them very creative....



Amen. I never thought I'd say it Ken after your inept handling of the Bulldogs but you actually have a lot of insight into the game. Try using English in its simplest form and kill the alliterations. They make your articles unreadable in spite of the good info you have to share

Wow!!!! Ken, mikey likes everybody. Until now.

Meh. As long as I liked it, that's all that matters.
Stick and stones....

PS-If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Tsk, tsk. And you're a Grandfather! Who you trying to impress, fleminggirl? You got the hots for her?


Nawww.....I still like Ken and believe he's a good reporter...but I just want him to tone it down with the confusing terms as they are serving no purpose now and do nothing to educate the newest fans.....and are boring the rest of us mostly....

However, I'll never bring into question Ken's love for this city or the Tiger-Cats........he's clearly one of us and deserves some extra chances...

Ken! more "leather" or "trey" !!...... and then you're gold! :lol:

eeeew!! mikeys too creepy. barf!!

and for the record, I don't for a moment believe this person is actually Ken Peters.....and neither should anyone else.
I take this post with a grain of salt and totally dismiss it as a "crank"...

"Creepy" is someone hiding behind a "username" and taking "cheap-shots" to somehow impress other members......even some of my better "detractors and/or "adversaries"" on this site are at least known in am I. :stuck_out_tongue:

Send Ken a private message at mikey.

He will tell you in the simplest of terms exactly what he thinks.

WARNING: He doesn't take criticism well.

His reply may start with

Who are you to tell me....

and go downhill from there.

yeah...maybe if you were the boss of me I would...... ronfromtigertown

but thanks for the direction anyhow.... :roll:

Mikey, fleming-girl would be lucky to go out with you!

No she wouldn’t…I’m broke! :cry:

Thanks for the endorsement anyhow… :rockin:

little bit harsh reaction doncha think mikey?

also... durk13.... weird first post... all i can say...

"creepy" is someone who buries their head up the asses of anyone associated with a football team in order to impress others.

Personally, I like "Patcat"'s response to silly posts....I think I'll use it from now on.....

here it comes!.....

Ho Hum..


but mikey, you can't lock threads...

Mikey is still pissed his tenure as a mod was short and sweet. Wonder why?

Hey Espo, I've been around for a long time, you don't remember me on the old chat? I 've just been biding my time on the new chat format and thought I would just help out my buddy Mikey!

Whatever floats your boat, mikey

but if you really like Ken Peters as you say you do,
centering his professional work out on the internet
is a strange way to show it.

Just throwing this out here, is this really about if Mikey is wrong or is everyone just on edge because they are hungry?