Dear Kavis

Dear Kavis,

What the &??% is wrong with your special teams? Can they run a play without taking a penalty? First play of the game, no yards. First punt return, illegal block. Next kickoff, offside- it takes talent to actually be offside on a kick. Holy cr*p, do you guys practice? Do you have a copy of the rule book? Why are you getting worse every game?

And can you please tell Boris that the ball is supposed to go between the uprights?

Tonight's game was one of the worst in recent memory, and that's saying a lot.

[i]Phil!!! Johnny was going to start a thread titled “Kick Kavis Reed in the ass!”

Props to you for seeing Reed’s shortcomings. :thup:


The 2016 Kavis Reed special teams are an effin joke! Tonight, they gave up half a football field in the first half alone! And that has been a trend all season! Too many stinking penalties!

The blocking on returns is reminiscent of the fat guy in the track suit!

And Bede is now a 50% field goal kicker!

KAVIS REED! FIX THIS NOW! :cowboy: [/i]

They did that in the first 5 minutes, sending a clear signal: This game is gonna stink.

Dear Kavis,

Swayze Waters now available, released by the Panthers. The question will be his salary demands.

During TC his interest will will be hoping other teams aren't satisfied with the kickers they have. Two weeks to a month from now he might be interested, but not now, likely not unless the deal was for big $$$ with a "will release you after the season" clause so he can chase a NFL job again. And that is a waste of BW's money as Swayze won't get the Al;s into the ;playoffs.

Now if he was happy to come back to the CFL on a 2-3 year deal, then get the pen ready.

The new kicker did just fine last week. Wasn't his fault we lost.

Swayze Waters will want Medlock $$$$, somewhere around $170K.

Well then:

Dear Swayze,

Keep trying the NFL.

He did fine on field goals but his kickoff net average is a whopping 15 yards less than Bede.

He's not perfect but he made all field goal tries within 45 yards and his punting was fine. I'd obviously like a better kickoff average but I'll take Fera over Bede at the moment.

THIS season for certain