Dear Jim Popp

If the Als lose to the Ticats today will you please do the right thing and step down as a coach?

Thank you

I think Jim Popp is finding out that Don Matthews was the reason he has been associated with winning teams over the years.
Some guys have it and some don't. Popp is a good recruitor but The Don knew how to put the pieces together.

What really steams me about Popp as coach is this:

The people who defend the decision argue that Popp is more of a delegator than anything else, that he relies on Chris Jones, Marcel Bellefeuille, and Noel Thorpe to do Xs and Os and take care of the packages, schemes, gameplans, and technical stuff. And in theory, the players execute.

Leaving me to wonder: is that all Popp thinks a head coach does? Because if 'delegating' were good enough to be a head coach, it is a frickin INSULT to Don Matthews, Wally Buono, and all the other quality coaches who spent years honing their craft. Why even bother to have a head coach? Why not just have assistants in charge of specific elements of the game? If you believe that being a delegator is enough as head coach, then by extension you believe that a head coach's job is largely ceremonial. And if you believe that, why did Popp even hire Don Matthews five years ago?

It's ludicrous. Popp is a boy among men here, desperately trying to pretend he knows what he's doing. I had a lot of respect for Jim Popp before this year, based on his unquestioned ability to scout and bring in new talent at key positions on a regular basis. But he has lost his mind if he thinks that standing on the sidelines with long hair and a headset and letting his assistants do the work is all being a head coach is about. His ego has overriden his judgment, and we are all paying the price for it.

Wow. Now you guys look like idiots after the great performance by the Als last night.

Great performance? Uh, yes, barely hanging on to beat a bad TiCats team is a 'great performance'. :roll:

This win means nothing. Talk to me when we beat a playoff team.

Exactly. We "barely" hung on for that win. Were it not for a few brain cramps by some of the Cats, taking silly penalties at crucial times, they'd have won the thing.

Idiots? Ticats got over 400 yards on offense. This is a team that can barely get a first down. Keep the Pink Elton John glasses they look good on ya...


Barely or not, a win is a win. If we barely win the Grey Cup, do you think I care if we barely won? No, all I care about is winning.

Ryoon, no argument there at all. I'd be delirious if we won every game from now to the end of the season by one point.

My point only was that we can't get overconfident based on beating (barely) a weak team.

Winnipeg has a much more formidable front seven than does Hamilton, and our O line had given up 15 sacks in the first two games (better against Hamilton, but Hamilton's d-line doesn't scare anybody). Plus, with no Grace or Strickland, we're putting in two rookies at OLB on Thursday.

So this will be quite the test. Hope we come up with a big game!

I do think releasing Grace was a knucklehead move. The guy is a 2 time Most Outstanding Defensive Player or the Year.

But nonetheless, despite Jim Popp's coaching ability, he does have a good eye for talent. Which is why, I am not to worried about the starters tomorow, I believe they are quality players.

And also, the Als had a bad game last game, but they still manage to hold them to 20 points. Even the 2 previous games, I think the Defense was outstanding, for a unit who spent most of the game on the field.

One third of Hamilton's offence and 14 of their points came off of TWO plays, guys.

Yeah, the game almost slipped away AT Hamilton with the team desperate to save its home crowd. But it didn't!

Take away those two fluke plays, and the Als pimp slapped Hamilton. At least that's how it looked through my pink glasses.

Make that flourescent pink, Jack.

Yes, two "fluke" plays; the kind of plays we haven't made in three games.

Fluke? Great protection by their O-Line; great throws by their QBs; great route running by their receivers; great catches.

That's not "fluke"; that's called "good football" in my book.

Now reverse things. If they didn't take one or two stupid penalties; if Maas didn't take his eye off the ball on a shotgun snap at his own goal line, if 2 of their DBs could learn to actually CATCH an interception.....then they'd have beaten us even without the two so-called FLUKE touchdowns.

But they didn't and we won. So I'm happy. But a win like that doesn't make me puff up and have Grey Cup visions. Ask me after Thursday when we meet a team with a real defence.

Problems with the Als started last season when they dumped Johnson at MLB and had no replacement for him.

This is where Popp dropped the ball. Instead of finding a quality MLB. He started hovering around the team. Had he fixed the MLB position the defense would not have had a meltdown. The Coach might still have a job. Instead Als Lost their coach. The rest of the staff deserted the team. Wouldn't Belli had helped stuff the run tonight? Yes he has family business in TO but I can't help think he would have stuck around had Matthews still been around.

Then Popp appoints anoints himself HC fires Strasser gives the job to a proven loser (Bellefeuille) who proceeds to take a West Coast QB and stick him in a play action for which he is not suited for. Hell they don't even have a RB for that offense.

Tonight Calvillo gained 354 yards passing on 30 something receptions ! The top 3 receivers haverage 8 yards a catch.

This is a P u s s y offense I have no respect for. I guess JB you'll have to wear a hot pink Polo shirt next week...

Already have it pressed and ready. The real problem's finding shoes that match!

Your awesome...


After Thursday's loss, I have come to the conclusion that Larry Smith needs to step in and fire our coaching staff. I respect Jim Popp immensely for what he has contributed to this organization as a GM, but he is completely out of his depth as a head coach and does not belong on the sidelines. To go from The Don to Popp is an absolute joke.

Don't agree? Four things on Thursday night exemplified the fact that Popp is not competent as head coach:

  1. He wastes a challenge on a Roberts Edwards fumble that is clearly, and I mean clearly, not in dispute. You could watch the play in real time and very quickly conclude that Edwards fumbled the ball and throwing the challenge flag would only waste everyone's time. A good head coach knows when to challenge, and when to let the play stand. Popp, however, has no clue, so he throws the flag because he thinks that's what a coach should be doing. He's confusing the form of the challenge with the justification for a challenge because he has no sense of when to make the right call, and it's embarrassingly apparent.

  2. With our team down by only one point, Popp elects to gamble on third and goal, despite the fact that we have not been able to establish the run all night and despite the fact that kicking a field goal would have given us the lead. There was absolutely no reason for this gamble except Popp's ego and the fact that he has no idea when to gamble and when to send on the kicking team. Don Matthews would have had Duval kick the field goal to give us the lead, end of story. After the game, Popp said that he felt it was something we needed to do, because we 'should' be able to punch the ball through on the one-yard line. He overlooked the way our team was performing on that night in favour of an ideal version of what we should have been able to do in that situation. You can, with some justification, blame the O-line for not getting a good surge off the line of scrimmage, or Edwards for not forcing the ball through, but the cold truth is that good coaches are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their team on given nights and play to those contextual strengths, not to ideals of what we 'should' be able to accomplish on third and goal. We were not trailing by more than three points. There was no need to gamble. Not only was it unnecessary, but it reflects a lack of faith in our defense, which brings me to...

  3. Lack of halftime adjustments. Say what you want about Don Matthews, but he was the MASTER of making adjustments in between halves to keep his team effective for 60 minutes, not just for the first 30 minutes. Our defense was playing well and with confidence early, but in the crunch, when it really mattered, they couldn't stop Glenn from marching down the field from the shadow of Winnipeg's uprights to our end zone and scoring a touchdown. A lot of that falls on Chris Jones and the players, but this is Popp's team, and at the end of the day, he's the one who's accountable.

  4. No ability to critique and review his coordinators' work. Needing to acquire a two-point convert, Bellefeuille comes up with the most ridiculous play you could think of: a pattern that needs a long time to develop, which forces Calvillo to roll out of the pocket and throw on the run, which is not his strength, when we only need a few yards to get the convert, which asks our already-questionable O-line, missing Brian Chiu, to pass-block for longer than usual. Brutal playcalling, absolutely brutal. If Don Matthews is around, no way does that play get sent in. But because Jim Popp isn't qualified to overrule his O.C., because he's a figurehead head coach with authority but no experience or ability, the play goes through and we lose the game by two points which, incidentally, is one point less than the score we would have had if we'd kicked a field goal instead of gambling on third down.

Jim Popp's hubris has forced a major rebuilding operation on our team only a year after we went to the Grey Cup finals. Had he done the right thing and held extensive interviews to hire a properly qualified head coach who could have then picked his own staff, I firmly believe that we would be at least 3-1, if not unbeaten. But thanks to Popp, this team is in shambles, and is going to remain that way for the whole season, or until Larry Smith steps in and either fires everyone involved or at least relieves Popp of head coaching duties.

The half time adjustments is the most obvious difference to me. Matthews was a master at that game. Popp is a child amongs men when it comes to that.

The other noticeable difference to me is how Popp has surrounded himself with lesser qualified individuals. Another sign of lack of experience.

Let’s give the man another month or two 8)
He did say it was on him…OH wait! “Matthews can coach the Als as long as he wants to” :roll:

i was at the game vs argos in toronto and 31,000 people witnessed jim popp freaking out over a blown call but his actions were disgusting. Regardless if the call was in his favour or against his team this guy is supposed to be a professional and the jumbo tron caught him acting like an amateur swearing his head off making himself and the rest of the CFL look bush league. there is no reason for this.... kids look up to these football idols and to witness that it was a disgrace....

Look what looked Bush is three zebras whistling a play dead while the ball was still in the air.

I can understand a blown call but this was ridiculous. Isn't anyone tired to see a bunch of out of shape beer guts who can't even move enough to be in front of the play as it develops?

Get ride of the challenges and use the money to buy these guys a gym membership.