Dear Hamilton Fans of the 2009 Season

Dear Hamilton Fans:

I do not understand all of this “Oh I’ll never get seasons tickets again…” blah blah melodrama. Why would you continue getting them after the past 4 seasons, and NOT get them next season when this team is actually heading in the right direction?! It is just completely beyond me. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re still in second place in the east. There is plenty of football left to be played, and although sure we could’ve been in a much better position than we are now, we still are in a FINE position. This team has definately turned the corner, and the fact that some people want to jump ship now is just unfathomable to me.

Secondly, STOP BOOING PORTER. Sure, he didn’t play great. But I hope you all noticed for the next two quarters that Glenn was in, NEITHER DID HE! Glenn may be the guy from now on, and I have no problem with that. But if you keep this negative attitude with Porter, you will drive him out of town. Similar to the way you did a few years ago, with a certain quarterback named ANTHONY CALVILLO. He is going to need time to develop, just as Calvillo did. And think how gracious Montreal fans are to us now because we ran a young developping qb out of town.

THIS TEAM IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK. To give up on them now would just be plain silly.

Right direction?

We started off going 4-2 and since then we've gone 2-6. How is that the right direction?

As far as this threat of not renewing tickets, it's just frustrated fans venting after two horrible home performances, that's all.

I booed Porter. He was frustrating the heck outta me. I thought he was terrible. Looks shell shocked. I hardly ever boo our team.

Are you telling me that this team doesn't look 400 times better than last years? We would've beaten Calgary two games ago if it wasn't for missed field goals, dropped passes, etc. We DID beat calgary 3 games back, the defending Grey Cup champs. And it is October, and it is very realistic to think we will make the playoffs.

Sorry if I'm out of line, but I'd say being 13 days into October and having a HOME PLAYOFF GAME right now is one hell of a lot better than the position we were in last year...might just be me though.

We are in a playoff position not because we have played well but because other teams have played poorly. That would be fine with me if other teams continued to play poorly, but they are not. They are improving, we are regressing. That is not a good position to be in in October. We are headed for a non playoff position unless things turn around immediately. Even then it might be too late.

Of course our record is better than last year, but our two last home performances were not.

And our direction, right now, is not the right one.

Perhaps this is a bit of a wake up call. The game before last week WE DIDN'T PLAY POORLY. I think you're forgetting our defence limited one of the best offences in the league to 0 Touchdowns!!! Quite an accomplishment! Now that is seems we're going to have a quarterback switcheroo, things will start getting into motion. Our offense lit up in the fourth quarter, whether or not it was because Winnipeg was letting up is irrelevant, because those points scored are what is keeping us with the play off spot right now.

We lost a game in which the opposistion scored no TDs.

We only scored 14 points.

You may not classify that as a poor performance, but I do.

We held the defending grey cup champs to 15 points, at home.

Not too shabby I'd say...

While it was a good thing that the Cats were able to finish that one, we were also quite lucky for all the mistakes Calgary made to throw that game away, but we did play better than they did in that one, yes.

oh no I meant like 15 points in Calgary, we only held them to 19 here.

But we still have the same team, just have faith guys!

Porter is not Calvillo. Stop saying that! it's a horrible argument. Are you all just insane? we shouldn't release anyone based on how poorly they play because they could turn out to be the next great player :x :frowning: :lol: . That's fear and and that cant be what a football team is about if they want to build confidence and win games.

Couldn't agree more, it is totally baffling that for many people, this is now their breaking point. Yes, the team has played 2 lousy games in the last 3, but prior to that there was little to complain about (except the game in Toronto, which I understand was in part due to many of the players having the flu).

In the past 6 years, like many of the people who say they won't renew, I sat through a 1-17 season (followed by the bankruptcy), a 9-8-1 season (overachievement), a 5-13 season, a 4-14 season, and two 3-15 seasons. The best records in that stretch were achieved with a quarterback who was pushing 40 (and no viable successor), hardly a sustainable strategy.

Now we have real football management, lots of young, inexperienced players with lots of talent who will only get better, including guys who have yet to make the roster (on the PR or IR). Things can only get better as guys get more experience and more time playing together.

Of course, some people will prefer to adopt a negative attitude and see the current run of poor play as a harbinger of the future, but that's the safe approach, isn't it? Take a negative perspective and you're guararanteed to either be vindicated or pleasantly surprised, but never disappointed and never feel the foolishness of being hopeful about something outside your control that doesn't happen.

Well, I'm sticking with hope for the future and faith that the team will be continue to improve next year and beyond. I've been to to 11 games this year already, and I'm going to all the rest (road games included, I will be at 15 games this year) to keep the faith.


People are Tired of Where Getting Better hang in there PR BS.
We want to Win
We want a Home playoff Game

Where Tired of Not being in the Chase for Lord Grey's Cup..
We have Paid our Money We showen up
It's time for This Team to PAY UP..

Show me the Money Ticats
show me your worth it ....

Right on track ? Derailed and in need of some help for sure ! And as for drive porter out of town id be glad to drive him ..( But he is in the box of my truck ) Let me no where to pick him up ....All jokes aside the Guy for his own love for the game has too sit back and watch again if not he will hate the game and then we no what happens from there bye bye from football .....i dont wish that on anyone . He is not all the answers but alot of blame shall and should be pointed in his direction ..

Overall, I'm happy with the improvement this Cat team has made and is showing all the signs of being a deadly team in 2010, so i'm glad I renewed. What i'm not happy with is the attitude "Hey! we did, better then last year, that's good enough for me!" We have done better, but that doesn't mean we should sleep through the rest of the games.

Yes, I think its fans venting their fustrations.

I know if I lived in Hamilton win or lose I would be at every game. Its fustrating to see my favourite team getting blown out at home, the last two games. Regardless, I will always stick by this team win or lose. The city of Hamilton and its fans should keep the faith and always support the team.

All this talk about getting a hockey team, should be forgotten and our football team should be the number one priority in this city.The ticats have been a part of Hamilton for 140 years.

This franchise should adopt a culture where fans pack the stadium win or lose. Ivor Wynne or a new stadium in the future should be the place to be for Hamilton sport fans. Eventually this team will start winning again.

Have we really improved??? I'd say a tad but not a ton. We look worse at the QB position then last season with Porter starting. Our running game is worse. We could just as easily be 2 - 12 as we could be 8-6. The pass rush is still non-exsistent. It appears this team is more concerned with developing a QB who likely will never develop. We have shown no urgency to win and it appears this team has started a new 5 year plan. Our strongest point was kicking last season and now its probably our worst. We lose games where the other team doesn't even score TD's and we got beat easily by 2 teams people laughed at on this forum (Peg and Toronto.) In all honesty this team should and very well could have been battling Toronto as the laughing stock of the league. Game Day experience has regressed and is mediocre at best. We have high priced concession selling probably the worst tasting product in all of sports venue. Bang for your buck this isn't likely the spot most fans would chose on a limited budget. I think the writting is on the wall why fans won't attend and its the exact same reasons year after year. I am beginning to wonder if Bob has learned from his mistakes as he has said. We are a small market sports team charging big market bucks. This team is slowly pricing itself out of the market especially with affordable NFL tickets, NBA tickets and NHL tickets (Buffalo).

I'm pleased with the improvement, but downright pissed off with where this is headed. Coming out of the gate, I saw a fairly balanced offence -- with good bench strength when needed. A defence that outworked the offences, were hungry and got good pressure.

Now, everthing is flatlining. Again.

Obviously, I'll never give up my Ticat pride. But, it gets awfully frustrating when 'turning the corner' turns into another tailspin.

It's my guess (as, usually the eternal optimist when it comes to the Cats) that there will, again, be no CFL playoffs in southern Ontario. Not only does this have a nasty effect on our fanbase, it delivers another crippling blow to the CFL in our area.

In an 8 team league, this should not be such a challenge.

Unless we get some decent momentum toward the end of this season, we're going to struggle to get people into the stadium. Personally, I don't blame them. I'm certainly questioning whether I lay down another $30 -- and, work to convince my crew to do the same -- for the Saskatchewan game.

8 cities, 8 teams. We are so lucky to be one of them. I was horribly disappointed on Monday. The whole team was flat. We got whipped, pure and simple.
But, I was there. I'll be there again on the 31st. I'll be there again next year. I'll look forward to seeing pro football 9 times a year here. If I lived in most other places I would not have the opportunity.
I'll support this team through thick and thin.

I loved your comments Onknight, sports in general is a form of entertainment and this team has not been very entertaining getting there ass kicked twice on there home field is not going in the right direction.
I personally don't see them any better than last year except at linebacker they were a little lucky to get BC Lions at the start of the year when they were struggling other wise they would be the same old Ti- Cats. As Onknight said just win you are in an eight team league you should get a sniff every now and then.