dear d.macho


i never thought you could out-coach someone. (But, d. berry has proved me wrong.)

Once again. . . to our fragile o-line that got pushed around in their panties all night long, great work there.

I am quickly assuming berry will have yet another bleeding heart after this one. A game this important, totally washed out due to nothing but the coaching. . . and to none other than d.macho to boot. I mean seriously. I can't believe it. The bleeding heart berry has to end, i won't stand for it anymore.

absoultely humiliating performance simply based on the effort involved.

I get the feeling he’ll be gone after this season…

.....NO EFFORT ...NO HEART.....and whole bunch of questionable coaching...and a kicking game that's broke....just some of the worries this team has to confront going down the stretch.....backing-into the play-offs with a limp, is not getting me excited, ...too many problems, left way too long ,are becoming very evident ...I, as a fan DO NOT expect to win every game...but at least i expect the team to give it their all...plays like Samuels and Brown give us....Picard has got the most heart of any player on this team right now...even Romby Bryant and little Freddie Reid are up-staging some of our so-called 'stars'...The majority on this team are not playing with 'intensity' and if that ain't there ...we ain;t going anywhere, in the play-offs...(IF, we get there) A game played like that, against the Toronto Arenogoods on Fri. , will signal to me, that it's definitely not play-off time for this club... or they might as well start cleaning out their lockers and filling their equipment garbage bags....cuz it'll be all she-wrote... :thdn:

I would not put the blame on Berry, you should be looking at Taman. Berry won't be going anywhere as he has 2 years left on his contract or should I say that our incompetant GM signed him to an extension. We played a much better team than a Hamilton, or Toronto.The play of this team is reflective of the lousy, and pathetic bunch this is. The trades were exchanging mediocre players for more mediocre players. Housecleaning at season end is a priority. The first to be thrown in the garbage should be Taman, followed by Bauer, Cartwright. Re building of this team is needed. Some of the Bomber die hards won't recognize this problem. They will build a parade float for Taman. Parade him around the city. And say he is the best and that he has done nothing wrong. :cowboy: :lol:

Which is why you won't catch me posting on ourbombers.

I am beyond fuming about last nights turkey-bowl.

Just fuming.

I am more pointing the blame toward Berry's bleeding heart cover-up plan he seems to resort.

Berry deserves just as much blame as Taman does. That was the 3rd or 4th time that a team has successfully pulled off a fake punt on us, and it opened the flood gates. As the HC, he has to be accountable for his assistants, McDirtmud (ST coach) should have been gone last year already. And to get burnt again, by those little dumps and screens to the RB's for a second week in a row is unacceptable. Yes, it's up to the players to play the game, but it's up to the coaches to put them in a position to be successful. The Bombers did nothing different in the rematch (except give up 28 points on turnovers and special teams) than the week before. Stale coaching plain and simple, even the Garden Gnome knew it.

the fake punt is an achilles heel. I haven't brought it up (in my posts) because I'm still in denial over it. Those are embarassing to have happen, and hurt to watch.

The focus is this:

If it's so easy, why don't I be the coach? - Yes - yes I would.

In the most pivotal point in the game, we're up by a score of 14-2, the esk. offense is just non-existent. . . I am going to call 'fire' on my special teams. plain and simple. Then what happens??

they pull a b-slap move on us, and from that moment onward, the defense says f'u to the special teams unit (psychological factor) the offense follows-up with nothing and the wheels fall off. The entire game was a self-destructive display based on sheer ignorance.

What a team, eh.

Can' the lot of them I say. Who cares already.

....this team just amazes me with the fact....that, presented with the opportunity to 'seal the deal'.... and put a lock on the play-offs....instead, just pee it away..... The team did the same thing last year with T.O., if you remember...Where the hell is the motivation...I'll tell you one thing , it BETTER be there come Fri. or the Don and his gang will walk out of the Peg with the 2pts. and the momentum to send us packing...Berry will have to have this team playing their A-GAME plus...cuz i don't like this creeping feeling i'm getting, that we'll have another stinker like the schmoes game... also,McDisaster, BETTER HAVE OUR SPECIAL TEAMS in high gear or the weakest point on this club, will come back to bite us in the a$$...I hope he's not gonna let Stoksey look like Dorsey or we could be in for a lot of trouble...Just some of my sentiments before the 'biggest game' of the year so far for the BigBlue.. :roll:

Frustrating to be sure, but 5 - 5 over the last 10 is pretty decent. And really, even at their best, they aren't any better than a .500 team. Dave Ritchie had some teams with winning records, but they always schat the bed in the playoffs and he was given 5 years. I'm willing to give Berry his 5 years, he's proved he can get the team to the playoffs, so let's see if he can win it.