Dear Coach Cortez

Dear Coach:

Congrats on your third straight win today.

But, if you wouldn’t mind, please do me a little favour. When you are on the sidelines, the camera is often on you. Please stop putting your pen/pencil/marker in your mouth and your nose. It’s gross.

George: As long as you keep winning, you can disregard the above message.

Feel free to stick that pen anywhere you want. :smiley:

LOL... agreed, you win, the pen is your sword!!

The pen is mightier than the sword!

Works for me :lol:

The pen is mightier?

When I saw this thread I assumed it was going to be to congratulate Coach Cortez on a brilliantly coached/called game.

Don't know if anyone else noticed, but all those plays that worked so well in the fourth quarter were set up by calling slightly different versions of those plays all game, surprising the Riders at the end of the game with versions of those plays they were not expecting.

Think of the discipline of knowing you had plays that were going to work but holding off calling them until you really, really needed them.

Thanks for the insight Bob.
The team was outstanding to finish off that game!
Great comeback win. :thup:

Ive sat threw many many practices this year and I always knew it was just a matter of time, and the Time is NOW!!!
By Far the BEST Coaching game ive seen in a long time. I believe we have found our Mojo!! :rockin:
Con-grads to all Coach's on this HUGE win, now go enjoy the week or the few days you have off with your families!

MadJack is an Als fan first and foremost and has found something to complain about and then on top of that felt the need to share this complaint as if anyone would care. It's clear no one cares.

When I find something gross or don't like the look of it I choose to look away or ignore it. Or at the very least I realize that the world and the people on it do not exist to suit what I feel is appropriate.

Maybe your fellow Als fans will care more.

Now if we could just figure out a way not to use the third quarter as simply a setup for the fourth. Not sure my heart can take too many more of those.

Someone called them the Cardiac Cats.
Appropriate! :lol:

What I noticed is we ran the same play with Chris Williams that the Riders ran with Dressler in that first game. The quick slant across the middle where the defender had to bubble out and lose coverage.

It's nice to finally have an offensive coordinator (who also happens to be the head coach in this case) who is an undisputed guru. It feels like it's been sooo long...

Dear Als fans,

Just stop it!

That is all.. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

zen I am a CFL fan. . . and this was NOT, repeat NOT, intended to have been taken so seriously!! Maybe I should have inserted a smilie. . . sorry for omitting that.

I think there was a MAJOR mistake that the coacing staff made that was really overlooked on TSN and would have been a HUGE issue if we would have loss. The not going for 2 points after our last touchdown could have been very costly. If we end up getting the 2 points, then the field goal try would have been for the tie and not the win.

The coaching staff did a good job but if we would have loss, he would have been raked over the coals.

I think this point needs to be remembered.

And yet the point after the td was the winng point. If we went for 2 and missed you give sask some momentum. Plus you Really telling your day, get it done

As one who believes the Cats' greatest area of weakness over the past decade has been it's Head Coaches, I've been a Cortez promoter and supporter here since he was named to the position. However, I too was screaming at him, through the TV screen, for not going for two. At games's end, it was harder to complain, since the point made on his decision turned out to be the winner. I congratulate Drew Edwards for questioning the coach on it in his post game interview where George, calling a spade a spade, as he always does, admitted that the main reason for his choice was that they'd just used their 2-point play to get the touchdown (the 6-yd., 3rd down toss to Jones, wide open, at the goal line on the left side). So, he would have, if he thought he could have had a high chance of success, gone for two. I like straight answers. I like George Cortez.

Good grief.....George Cortez is one heckuva coach and play caller.
We just beat Saskatchewan in their stadium for the first time since 2000 yet someone wants to complain about him putting a pen in his mouth :roll: