Dear Charlie and Obie

Can you please consider swallowing your pride and look for a few guys that were cut from other CFL teams last week

For example a good athletic linebacker to replace ARMOUR
and a decent Defensive Tackle or two

Anyone should be able to run on Adams,Lewis and Mariuz

Obie said there won't be any need to airlift players this year like Desjardins did last year ...

No airlifts agreed but 1 to 3 players is not an air lift.

Replace Both the DT's and Get another CB Gorden was awfull

First CFL game for both tackles. They were so-so.
I saw Moreno really chew one of the younger of the 2-Lewis's.
3rd season for Gordon, no excuses...he was REAL bad.

Carter from the Argos was ahead of our Mayes on the Argo depth chart.
If Mayes is good enough, Carter is better.

They say that you are only as strong as your weakest link.
Our weakest link last night was Gordon.

No it was Mariuz

Both where bad..

I'd give them another game or two to bounce back, if they don't improve, bring up Geoff Tisdale and Cameron Siskowic from the PR and let them try it out.

I like Mariuz for his speed, but his strength to break away from a block kind of worries me. If he was a bit stronger he would be a good fit.

Gordon i was always kind of unsure of but he seemed to be playing decent enough to win the CB spot, but we'll see in the next couple games.

8) It was not the first CFL game for Adams !!! He played 2 games for us last year at Def. Tackle !!!!
It was not the first CFL game for Adams !!! He played 2 games for us last year at Def. Tackle !!!!
I wonder how much time these guys have spent playing a 3-4 defense? Did we play 3-4 most of the game last night?

Keep in mind that if you do that you have to start another Canadian somewhere else. And our Canadian depth at receiver, o-line, d-line, and db is on the injured list (maybe even worse now with Gagne-Marcoux hurt last night).
I think the only logical choice right now would be Woodcock, with French as first receiver off the bench, and sit Willy Ponder who barely saw the field last night, if at all. That leaves us pretty thin at receiver unless Baumann's ready to come back, or you bring Masse off the PR (which I don't think they can do if they want to send him back to school).

Anyway, my point is that replacing Mariusz is more complicated than it seems.

I also saw that 3-3-6 look on TV last night. Th big problem was, most times they were running a 3-man line, they weren't blitzing. There simply wasn't enough interior push to do that!

You can contrast that with the Toronto approach -- they blitz a lot if the opportunity presents itself and Belli (like him or loathe him) IS a stud nose guard that creates enough havoc to aid the DL rush when all the LBs drop back into coverage. We don't have that nose guy yet to be passive in a 30-set.

Oski Wee Wee,

You could just put in Beverage as safety too, we also have 2 NI DTs sitting on the bench… i know its a pain but it might have to be done. I’m hoping they bounce back though, i’d rather we not have to switch up the lineup.

The secondary needs chemistry, so we should leave it as it is. As for the d-line, if you are a good player you can come in off a few days of practice and play well. I think we need to trade some draft picks and maybe one of our special team deamons for a starting defensive tackle, and keep rotating in Dickerson, i thought he got the most pressure of all last night.

Actually we only have 1 NI DT (Wayne) on the bench right now. Reid is injured. Until he comes back I don’t think we have the depth to start one of them.
Same with Beveridge… I’m not sure how comfortable they are making Roberts or Nedd the first backup, and I think they’re pretty high on starting Glasper at safety.

I totally agree that chemistry is important in the secondary and offensive lines, so constant change is NEVER good...but Gordon's technique is horrible...he never plays the ball, and so even though he looks like he is in good coverage (he's close to the guy), QB's know that they can throw the ball in his direction and have their receivers focus on it while he focuses on the first TD that Watkins caught

They were using a 2 safety formation quite a bit in the game with Glasper and Beveridge. I think its a great idea to have 2 guys back there for support of the other 4 DB's. It wasn't working as well as they would have liked but it shows promise. Beveridge is the official nickel back (although I guess in the CFL it should be called a 6 cent back haha) and I think he is quite capable. He showed great hitting and breakup ability in limited play last year. After a few years in the league he is coming into his own. Plus I have always loved Sandy's size at 6'2 215lbs. He is pretty damn fast for his size too..