Dear CFL & TSN

Please either take steps to insure that the games end on time or extend the scheduled broadcast time. Yesterday I was unable to watch the game live so I PVR'd the game, carefully made sure I had no information about the game and sat down to watch the game as if live, but could fast forward through the commercials so better that live. Unfortunately midway through the 4th quarter my PVR'd game ended (note to self, PVR the next show as well). This should not happen, a 3 hour game should not last 3.5-4 hours. Please fix this.


Sleepless in Calgary

I find the games rarely end in time, especially this year with all the extra penalties and reviews. I PVR all the games, but when setting it I always set it to record an extended 30 min. That seems to cover it.
My issue with TSN right now, is how they dropped the starting line-ups for the players to watch segment last year. I like the players to watch focus, but they still have the starting lineup shown. Between a new team, injuries, players switching teams, I always liked seeing the starting lineup, even if its just scrolling on the bottom of the screen.

I would also like to see the game start right on time. They always kcik-off 8 minutes after the scheduled time. What is the purpose of the delay?

I'd like to see halftime reduced slightly.

If you want to do that without negatively affecting the time the coaches have to make their adjustments, then just do away with the ever-pointless sideline interview and let the coaches and players get right down to business.

I always add an hour to the end of all games just in case. Not sure if your PVR has that option, but if it does, it’s definitely worth doing.

Yes, I find that annoying as well. I’m pretty sure that that’s at TSN’s request, allowing them to put on a few minutes of the talking heads and a ton of commercials.

Is it only eight minutes? Seems a lot longer.

Halftime was made longer this year by TSN’s request.

The games are ridiculously long now. Set your PVR to record an extra half hour on every game and you will usually get all of it.

TV stations and networks like to sell the maximum number of commercials allowed by regulation, and that maximum has increased a lot from two-three decades ago, when games routinely ended in 2:30 to 2:45. Games in the early 1980s typically had three commercial breaks per quarter. Games now have five to six breaks per quarter. There is zero chance we'll go back to the good old days, so it is highly recommended that you set the PVR to 3:30 for every game you plan to watch after the fact.

I PVR more games than I watch live and I always add 30 minutes to the scheduled time and haven't missed the end of a regular season game in years. The way games are dragging this season with the idiotic increase to video review and endless flags and official conferences at mid field I think I will be tacking on an extra 60 minutes. I can see several games breaking the 3:30 mark this year.

I went from adding 30 minutes to adding an hour a couple of years ago when an overtime game went to just under three and a half hours. As I was watching, I had one eye on the timer, hoping that it'd be done in time. Not the kind of game that you want to miss the end of.

This topic is ironic and funny.

You want the league to pay players more.
You want greater TV revenue
You recognize, presumably, that there is only one way that networks can pay more.

Then you ask the league to reduce the length of games because it messes your PVR capabilities. That you PVR games so you can skip commercials.

Weird request.

Not a weird desire. Just a very weird request.

I would definitley block a 4 hour slot for games these days, in most cases they'll be deleted after watching anyways. For sure the games are getting longer with these frequent reviews. Not quite like in baseball or late game basketball yet.

Set your PVR to record an extra hour or so. Simple fix, guys. :slight_smile:

What’s really weird is anybody who takes my rant seriously. :cowboy: :lol:

You might have got me confused with somebody else.

I don’t care what the league pays the players, as long as every team plays and abides by the same rules.
I don’t care what the TV revenue is, I only care about the onfield product, if that means greater TV revenue, it is the accountants concern, not mine.
If the commercials were not so repetitive, I might be more apt to watch then. I don’t know how many times we need to see the cute Wendy’s girl tell us that “when she was young she never needed any bun”. I got it the first couple of hundred times.

I will from this point forward PVR an extra hour, give me a break, I am 60 years old, PVRing is not an area of expertise for my generation, RVing is. Fact is I just felt a rant come on. It’s over now, I will go back to fantasizing about the cute Wendy’s girl.

A heck of a lot cuter that the real Wendy’s girl, Melinda Lou “Wendy” (nee Thomas) Morse. If only she’d stop singing. That’s one of a handful of commercials where I can’t hit the mute button fast enough. (Others in that category: Juicy Fruit Gum, Merci Chocolates. Probably others, but I can’t think of them right now.)

DEAR CFL the only problem is the clock rules They run when they shouldn't. Just play for football which would give more possessions to both teams.

Games ending 3 hrs is great. Why would you want a game to end in 2 hours? this aint soccer or at times baseball.

NCAA games go on at times for 4 hours. Nothing better than that. And they play actual more football in the game clock as their rules are much better.

… and halftime should be extended like they did with the NHL. Especially for the people who attend games. You go to concession and washroom and you miss the first 15 minutes of the 3rd qtr.

So Beach - they extended halftime in the NHL - did they? lol

:thup: :lol:

Hotel? Trivago!

The first 15 minutes ??? of a 15 minute quarter ??? Halftime in the NHL ??? I must have missed the memo about the NHL deciding to switch from three twenty minute periods to two thirty minute halves with an extended halftime show,but still only a three minute segment allotment for Don Cherry :roll: I most definitely must have missed that administrative meeting,good thing we have the “Beach Guy” on board to set us all straight. :lol: