Dear CFL, I love you but

for the love of the game, please, please EXPAND

Where's the marketing??? Where's the loyalty with the MLSE?? Why are the Refs soooooo bad??? To many flags wrecks the game!!!! Why can't Calgary get a new stadium?? Why are we concentrating on Halifax? Just go to Moncton already. Why does the league keep saying it's "old fans" but mostly what I see are young and middle age in the stands? Why do we never see CFL players in commercials?
Why did the league talk about 4 downs when , if incorporated, would only make us a feeder league. Why can't people just accept the CFL for what it is, with world class athletes and stop comparing?? That's it for now:)


Rant over??

I do agree, we need to enjoy what we have without trying to measure up to other leagues and for all that's holly fill the stadiums with your butts.

EDIT and STOP calling Canadians Nationals we are Canadian


And start paying to go to the games. Even if their on Friday nights

I fed all of your questions into the CFL SuperComputer (based on CFL Commissioner Ambrosie's brain itself) and the answer it spit out was, "One dumpster fire at a time please... I beg of you..." (then it went into safe mode and curled up into a fetal position while sucking its thumb).


This is honestly the best post I’ve seen in years. Every question is legitimate. I agree on the age of fans. Half the stands in Hamilton are young kids drinking. Montreal and Ottawa the same. And don't get me started on Marketing- or lack thereof. Nathan Rourke should have been all over billboards Nationally. Instead we will likely see him as a spokesman for some US companies. Frustrating !!

Can someone actually get the original post above in front of Ambrosie? I’d love to hear his reactions to these very tough questions. And what his team can do to help address them.




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I seen this heading Ambrosie feeling a ‘remarkable sense of satisfaction’ with where CFL is at today. He's drinking his own kool aid!!!


I feel I'm being mocked or flattered with all the bold type in this thread.

So FU or Thank you, whichever applies




GO bombers GO


Just for the record, I gave you a like even though I'm cheering for the good guys (no need to explain that that means I'm cheering for the Argos - guess I just did. Lol)

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Right back at you. :blue_heart::canada::football:....:+1:


The CFL has to expand.

As an immigrant to this country, and a country that I love, I have taken to the CFL with passion due to its intensity, entertainment value and history. But whilst the value of its intensity and entertainment cannot be questioned, its history can.

Let me explain what I mean by that. The length and the depth of history cannot be erased, but it’s the lack of new history that weakens it. Standing still is going backwards. Other sports that I love have many more teams and the history of those sports is written at a greatly more prodigious rate.

Every year in soccer for example, a new chapter is written for tens of thousands of professional teams. New and memorable history is created with each international tournament be it club or country. The history of soccer multiplies exponentially with every year that passes and similarly with other North American sports. The larger number of teams create more and more history with every new season that passes. The CFL? A new chapter for 9 teams is created once a year.

Sports fans love history and that is evident here. CFL fans love to crow about how long the game has been around and rightly so. Sports fans though, are voracious consumers of history and like nothing more than to read about a loved or rival team’s history, or a championship from a particular year on Wikipedia for example.

As I said, I adore the CFL. But I’ve seen every team it has to offer over and over again. I’ve read at length about every team but now new and exciting trivia is becoming hard to come by. I want something new.

When I came to this wonderful country, I was lucky enough to have several new sports to learn about and watch. The CFL is by far my favourite although I do have a soft spot also for TFC because I was raised in a soccer-crazy country, and I hope that doesn’t cloud your responses to my feelings. I know of the animosity between CFL and soccer fans here, particularly in Toronto where I live.

I have decades of baseball, NFL, basketball, obviously hockey and to a lesser extent, soccer history to wade through and I doubt I’ll ever be anything close to up-to-date with any one of them. CFL? I’m no expert but I’m closer to completeness of knowledge than I am the other sports.

Point is, the CFL has a wonderful and rich history but it has been caught up and surpassed by other sports here due to sheer numbers. Its past is incredible, but it needs something that isn’t old - something other than it’s past.

The CFL needs something new.


Well put and thoughtful :+1:


That's so not true man. Why would anyone try to flatter you... the smartest poster on this thread? Seriously, you need to be more trusting.



Yeah, that 10th team is desperately needed for multiple reasons: balance to the divisions and schedules, new location, excitement for the whole league. Would love to get to a point where we didn't have any team playing any other team four times in the regular season.


# McLeod Bethel-Thompson takes aim at CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie for negative league narratives"
3DownNation, today. Excellent read. Fits this thread.


Great article, good on Bethel-Thompson. I hope more players join him and get useless Ambrosie out