dear casey...

It will get better. Armstead, Bauman and Ralph will all eventually re-learn how to catch a ball, and our O-Line will eventually learn how to pass block for more than one second.

I hope.

Anyway, you are not the problem. Hopefully the guys around you will wake up over the off season and you'll get some help.

not the solution either

Yes we all get your point, you don't like Casey Printers. But could you do most of us a favour and at least humour us and help develop the discussion with more than the one insightful sentence you chose to grace us with?

If you choose not to that is your prerogative, but I personally would enjoy a little more thought provoking posts. I am sure you have it inside you.

  • paul

Armstead will not be back next year. If Marcel didn't think DJ was worth 100k then why would he thing Armstead is worth 150k?

Actually, I did have a subtle point. Do you know how many fans actually called Luongo God on the canucks forum. All of a sudden, we were going to win the cup this yr because of the mighty Luongo. Never mind that the rest of the team still sucks. Now, after a not so great start, people are already starting to question, whats wrong with luongo, etc. They had such high expectations that any let down at all, no matter how normal, seems like the end of the world. So, while I personally think Printers is overrated, and while I think that if Williams had been allowed to finish off the season, he would have been the better to have next yr, I say that even if printers turns out to be better than I think, or williams not so good, ticat fans should still realize that printers cannot win it by himself, will still have bad games, and the cats need signicant upgrades elsewhere. In short, he is not THE solution.

If for instance, ticats traded printers for one or two quality players elsewhere, they would be overall a better team. Since that is not going to happen, one can only hope they find another way to get these quality players and then it will be these players that will be as big a part of the solution, if not moreso, than printers.

Of course no one player is going to lead you to the grey cup, but why would you trade a proven performer like printers when your trying to rebuild your team…

in this situation, I would trade printers because I beleive in Williams and I think the diference is not much. Williams is notably younger so potentially has more of a future with the potential to become better than Printers. So, when you got extra at one position, and not enough elsewhere, you trade.

printers hasnt proved much. my little brother coulda took that lions team to the cup that year. that team is so good that no matter who is starting they can win games, even without casey they are still 1st place the last 2 years. not to mention the cup they won(after he left the country crying only to wind up on a practice roster for 2 years). if he couldn't even crack the starting lineup or even dress for the chiefs i can't understand how the cats even pay more than 125k. i love hamilton. i watch every game no matter what the record is. and i def don't see him as "THE SOLUTION"

That's a good point. At 26, Printers only has another 10 or 12 years left in him. At 24, Williams can likely play for 12-14 years. We can't be shortsighted about this. If we make the wrong decision now it will come back to haunt us in 2020. For the sake of the next generation, let's choose youth!

my mistake. somehow I got it in my head that williams was only 22. Two yrs can be a notable difference in pro sports, but not quite the point I thought it was. I still like williams potential enough to take the two extra yrs and quality player(s) that Printers could bring in a trade, assuming the GM is sharp enough to get a good price.

Not that there is any chance of such happening but...

Keep both qbs their so similar. What you need is a OC that will have a system designed for them not some guy making them fit his system. Your always 1 hit away from losing your qb for a few games keep both. You can never have enough good qbs on your team.

hahaha Spoken like a true BC Lion fan. A team that has managed to develop and operate with at least three excellent QB's during a season.

But yes...I agree. Keep Printers as well as Williams and Chang. Maybe someday the Cats will be in a similar position as the Lions.

thing is, it is way easier for the lions to do it because they have already built the rest of their team.

Uh oh...I actually agree with FYB...about the Cats rebuilding the rest of the team; not about trading their top acquisition to do it. Williams is decent. But I've been a Ticat fan for nearly 20 years and the back up qb is always the next great saviour. He's a good back up. Let him be a back up. I remember when the Cats traded an "over rated" qb name Damon Allen who took the cats to the '92 Eastern final, because the #2 guy Don MacPherson had a couple great relief efforts, including a playoff game. I don't have to tell anyone who's followed the team since then, what a disaster that move was.

Some day Casey will be the "BEST qb IN THE WORLD"


Probably for Sask. next year .......

If I owned a team I would look at whos successful and copy them. QB is the hardest position to play,find, etc. why would you give up any of them if their good. You should be able to fill the other positions theres enough of them floating around.

Marcel ?

Receivers area dime a dozen as well …

Fill those other positions with hmmm maybe veterans …no wait they cost money.

Keep on keeping on …

I'd ditch the Ralph. The guy can't remember how to catch because he's never known. He's always had the dropsies. I remeber a playoff game against Sask a few years ago, when he was with the Esks. Game would have been different if he didn't have something like 5 drops. Funny part is he got his NFL tryout after that. Great speed though...