Dear Caretaker.......

Its time to put down the mop, pick up the broom and start sweeping. Pao Pao, Erdman, Reed, and Eakin need to be sent packing immediately. Get some more temporary help for the rest of the season. How much worse could it get? You can't put tonights disgraceful effort completely on Ron Lancaster. And I don't think the score would have been much different with Maas. This was a product of bad preparation on both sides of the ball as well as ridiculous offensive play calling ( Holmes, Davis, Brock etc hardly saw the ball) and a defense that for the most part posed no threat to Winnipeg at all. In short ...substandard coaching....which has been rampant since the start of this season.
I could go on but the upshot is that this team that has no chance of beating any other CFL team this season with this sorry group of assistant coaches on board. The players have shown in their one win that they are capable of great individual effort. But thats not enough.
Is there another team in the CFL with such an ineffective group of assistant coaches? This season is over and we are not even finished with July yet.
I hope you can come up with something to allow this team to at least go down fighting. If not, this football club will become irrelevant for the remainder of this year.

Yours truly
Disgusted in Peterborough but always a fan.
Mr 62 Cats.

Well, yes, the Saskatchewan RoughRiders are more poorly managed and coached and planned, now you mention it.

Shrivers has been quoted by credible sources to say that he doesn't want "white" guys on his team...I don't think we have sunk to that level yet...

Hey, we are bad, but its recoverable, if not this year then the next...are you suggesting we let Holmes, Ranek, Maas etc go to other teams?

Mind, I can accept "losing" any number of coaches!

Heck no! How do you get that from what I wrote :roll: .
I can't wait for the new coach to arrive and bring in some new assistants.

how can you include EAKIN in that after one game

'cos he has no grasp of the offence and can't pass. Plus.... he looked to me as if he just plain gave up.

so has the whole tam , not to mention fans

How many times in the past 4 years have we made it to the playoffs and how many times have the Riders?

And as GM for what the past 5 or 6 years, if Shivers didnt want white guys couldnt he have replaced them all by now. We keep hearing these supposed "credible sources" downing Shivers, I wonder if these "credible sources" are racist white guys.

He has a great eye for talent and unfortunately a big mouth and ego, don't slack the guy because he is black.

And how can any of us think we have a better run organization than the Riders? HOw many coaches, GMs, presidents have they replaced in the past 3 years?

Right now we have a marketing guy for our GM, no wonder we cant find a back up QB who can throw a spiral.

Well…when the receivers know their quarterback can’t get the ball to anyone except the Winnipeg defence…who can blame them?

....once again, not sure what air is like up in Peterborough but come on, Comments like: Eakin after 1 game, that's complete insanity.
Use this acronym and it proves a point:
T= True
E= Effort
A= Acheivment
M= Measurable

We have not seen our beloved "Team" play like a "Team" as they are now 1-6 which by my accounts shows how they measure.
.......& you can take that to the bank!


Start chopping caretaker LOTS OF DEAD WOOD AROUND............


Care to translate this please? I have no idea what you are saying.
Also it was not me who made the Eakin comment you used. I did respond though. have no Idea what I was saying? Wow, I really can't extrapulate that for you. If you can't figure it out...that's really to bad. :o
Additionally, If' you are going to "quote" a quote, ensure you grab the entire staement as it clearly states what was said. Lord knows how easily it is to misrepresent what someone has said when you only show parshal info. thanks in advance.


ALSO: I Believe you did make the Eakin comment....see your statment and correct me if I'm wrong.

Errr....have you not checked the West standings,especially today? I stand by my comments about the Tiger Cat Assistant coaches.


Box F made the comment "Eakin after one game!".
I thought that was the comment you were referring to. Thats the one you quoted.
Eakin has been around long enough that he should never have played as pathetically as he did Friday night. You can blame the O line all you want but he still had many chances to complete passes to our own guys instead of Winnipeg. He doesnt even know enough to throw it away.
I saw no sign of fight in him. Make Williams the #2 QB for now.

If I saw Eakin throw one more bloody side arm pass, I was going to go down there and show him how to pass and I am a girl !!!