Dear Caretaker I will not support in any way a compromise to the Canadian game

You're right, and every once in a while a diamond in the rough is drafted 66th, like STE (Sean Thomas Erlington). :football: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure; thanks for that amazing insight.

Ever heard of Andrew Harris? Out of Canadian Junior ball? Clearly and easily a superior RB talent to every American RB out of NCAA ball to play in the CFL over the past number of years. I guess you really compare NCAA backs to top Canadian Junior backs then ?

Not interested in hearing more about "numbers games" or your types rationalisations to cut-down or dis Canadian football talent. And I didn't try to say that Borsa was as good a RB talent to compare with Hubbard. I also could care less about hearing about average players or pompous generalisations about football talent pools. Some on this forum should maybe be a bit more concerned about specific individual players who might be CFL material - cream of the crop type players - and not spewing on about some fictional, average and inferior Canadian player who is not going to be pro football material.

Good example - a late round / diamond in the rough pick who has shown to be a solid CFL RB talent. And U Sport football fans who got to see him play for the Carabins, including on a Vanier winning team, might have noticed his all-around RB skills and thought of him as a good CFL prospect - I sure did. Even though he was not tackled by a super-hero NCAA all-American defender before. ;o)

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Ever hear of Andrew Harris?

Sure I have. He's the cheater.


Yeah - shot himself full of rocket fuel or otherwise the Ticats would have easily won the GC. LOL - my homer team didn't get to win, so let's dream up lots of hater excuses.

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Wonder why they wouldn't allow me to get the Grey Cup fanbase with my name on it.

Harris Cheatz.


Go troll elsewhere, you are not welcome here.

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The Steelers and the Eagles need a RB with speed and good hands . In 2019
Hubbard rushed for 2094 yards and 200 yards receiving . He was a Heisman finalist . He has Reggie Bush kind of skills .
I'd bet a nickel that Chuba gets picked on day 2 or 3 of the NFL Draft .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

16 years on this site and I get a cheesecake with a cherry on top . There are no calories on that there innernet . :smile: Thanks TiCat site .

Pat Lynch (older than dirt)


Something old is new, again! Check your box of old TiCat hats.
In mine, I just found, unworn, one of two identical hats I purchased in 2008. Its twin is well worn(out).
The hats are black with our tiger leaping, to the right, out of a red half maple leaf, on the left side of centre front, with the words "Our Country Our Game." There's also a red, full maple leaf on the back. It sure seems appropriate for wear, this year.


Still not the least bit interested in any merger or change to our game. 2 months of mystery has not convinced me at all.


Next season you could be watching the Ticats play in the newly named "XFL Canada" - lots of marketing, glitz, TV coverage in the US.
The Grey Cup that was supposed to be in Hamilton this year, but no season this year and likely the Cup will be retired.
The inaugural "XFL Cup" will be played in Hamilton though..... :dizzy_face:

I, and I suspect a lot of others, will not be watching. I will spend no more money or time watching this proposed merged league. I would rather see the league die with its what remains of its dignity intact than see it go hat in hand to some American business people who do not care for the tradition or cultural significance of the CFL. In either of those two cases it will be dead for me.
I have very little interest in the NFL, only watching parts of games after the CFL season. I have zero interest in either the third rate XFL or whatever watered down version of the NFL a merger would produce.


I feel for those who paid money to get their name on the Grey Cup base.

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1999 boo hoo hoo

I dislike the idea of the XFL. We have a great Canadian game in the CFL with Canadian rules-3downs with 12 players on the field. I am a great CFL fan and have enjoyed this game for years. I would never support the XFL.


Sadly, there are CFL fans out there that are ready to bail on the Canadian rules just for the sake of having football in their stadiums.

The novelty will wear in a short time as they will soon realize that calibre could be even lower than the CFL was.


you make it sound like cfl fans decide this. If cfl as we know it dies then no one is "bailing" just because they take interest in any football that might replace it.

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And the second best players in the world would still be here so I don't see how people consider it watered down

The talent gets watered down by the Global players that can't play that will taking jobs away from Canadians