Dear Caretaker I will not support in any way a compromise to the Canadian game

If they make rule changes or merge with another league i will not spend one dime on any product they serve up.


Breaking: CFL and XFL have broken off all talks because Garney will not support in any way a compromise to the Canadian game.


It’s ok. According to Randy, they’re only “talking about talking” at this point . Gotta love corporate speak.

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Thanks for your input.

was as helpful as yours garney.

starting a thread, titled "dear caretaker" suggests the Caretaker actually cares what you think.

very "look at me" way to post....Crash was being polite with his response.


Are you suggesting Caretaker doesn't care what we think?

It is way to early for any of this talk.
If the CFL eventually ever merges with the XFL, but it meant the Ticats would continue to play at Tim Horton's field, I would still go to the games. 3 downs , 4 downs or 10 downs.


I think its an important discussion to have and the fans feelings be made known to the team.


A few things I know for sure :

  1. The XFL will never agree to employing Canadian player ratios and minimum 7 Canadian starters and minimum amount of Canadian players on the roster..
    2 I also highly doubt the XFL would play 3 downs, wider field, 1 more player
    on the field etc
    3 When the CFL previously expanded allowing American teams to play CFL rules, the CFL held more clout and they played 3 down CFL football but the American team did not have to start or dress any Canadian players which gave them an unfair advantage especially as years went on and the American teams and players became more familiar with the Canadian game.
    One positive point would be an American TV deal to increase the salary cap for CFL teams. The cap would likely be in American dollars and taxes could be a negative for Canadian teams.
    Maybe this can be a temporary financial temporary solution for a few years until the Covid19 is gone and fans can attend games . Once the CFL teams start making money again then they could consider going back to the original CFL with another eastern team in Halifax or Quebec City as I detest the cross over .

I really hope that we dont cave and just become other XFL teams u see their rules.I
There is a chance we employ teams for each CFL city. One that p!at a in the CFL only and one that plays in the XFL on!y .

And we're talking about them "talking about talking".

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Angelo Mosca would love the XFL. He and Joe Kapp could beat each other to a pulp at halftime in slow-mo.


The XFL may need the CFL more than vice versa.


From where I sit, I don't see much sense merging with a corpse unless you think that is your only means of salvation.

Also, the CFL is locked into a very oppressive contract with TSN/RDS. TSN controls the TV, Radio, and Digital rights worldwide of the CFL property. This adds another layer of complexity. Judging by their press release, TSN was less than impressed about finding out the league had been in these discussions for
8 months without a word being spoken to them.

The way this was divulged was beyond amateurish. Wet haired Ambrosie from his dining room, screams that they were caught off guard and completely unprepared. I wonder who leaked this after 8 months???

I have stated I think it is time for the CFL owners to sell but this screams amateur panic hour.

I wish them the best but in my opinion, they have just jumped into whitewater without a paddle and a life jacket. As this will be the only topic the media is interested in covering until a deal is consummed or put to bed.

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when watching the last time xfl played, there was one or two rules that I actually wished that both nfl and cfl would adopt. darned if I can remember them.

on another note, maybe cfl champion and xfl champion (if they ever play again) can play an Aussie Rules game in Feb.


When I came on here this morning, I fully expected a bunch of "sky is falling" posts.

I was not disappointed. I mean, I was, but... :roll_eyes:


At the best if times, pre-pandemic, the league lost 10-20 million a year. The league is now 60-80 million further in the hole because of the cancelled season. Under the status quo, it is impossible for the CFL to ever dig themselves out if this hole. Unless every team sold out every game for the next 10 years or so, then maybe.
Something has to give or change for this league to move forward. We can complain all we want , but unless we win a lottary and are willing to give the league 60 million dollars to help out, I think we all need to understand that changes might be coming.


If Canadians would stop it with the inferiority complex and support their own football we could have a healthy, viable league.


Yes I agree , but this is a 40 year old problem that is not going to get any better. We can hope and wish for sold out stadiums all we want. Except for 2 or 3 markets this is not realistic. If it morphed into a North American spring/summer league with a bigger television contract and sports betting, and more teams that ran from April to September, in the long run, this might be the only way to save the league. Yes I love the CFL and if I was making all the decisions I would keep all the Canadian rules and player ratios. I also think this league is way closer to calling it quits then we even realize.
Just my early thoughts.


I agree. If we can't have CANADIAN football, I'd rather have none. We'd just be part of minor league American football