Dear Bob

Bob has done all that he can i think that we should try a game with Chang and see how we do…and i’d like to become a member of the “chang gang”

Hamilton is darned lucky to have an owner like Bob.
I'm not here to bow down before the King. I'm here to
say that I've had correspondence with Bob and he is ALWAYS honest. He is trying his best to put the right people in the right positions on this team. I also think that Bob is not the person who does the trading or cutting of personel. When you see Bob at the games go up and introduce yourself, he will welcome you and make you feel like you've been his friend forever.

I really understand how one can be upset with a 0-5 record and things not looking so bright. The blame for this cannot be laid at Bob's feet due to the fact that he doesn't run practice or devise a playbook. Can it be said that Hamilton is fighting each and every game? I think so but I don't throw it all at Bob's feet win or lose. When the team starts winning all will be forgotten concerning the beginning of the season.

When Coach Taaffe spoke of "losers finding ways to lose" I believe he was speaking of many on these forums.

People betting AGAINST our team are losers.

People blaming one person for a loss are losers.

People who can think of any combination of ways we may lose (prior to kick-off) are losers.

People who say "I'm outta here" are losers.

You wonder why YOUR TEAM (term used looslely) has a problem with winning??? It's beacuse some want them to lose... and others expect them to.

If you don't like the choice of QB, stay home or get behind the Head Coach who made this decision. If you don't like something sooo much that it makes you sick...don't go. I've hated the service I've received at some places, so I haven't returned.

But, I enjoy football. I'll be there through thick and thin (I've seen both). I've waited 8 years...I can certainly wait a few more games.

Get behind this team. Yes, even losers are entitled to their opinions. BUT, the constant one-trick ponies (blame the QB) acts wear a bit thin.

Have fun listening to the game Friday night. You won't be missed in the stadium.

People betting AGAINST our team are losers.
actually, that be the point.

When I can, I bet against the teams I want to win for 2 reasons. First, I almost always lose when I bet, even if I pick favorites, so it increases chances of my team winning.

Second, should my team lose, at least I get some compensation.

Being a loser when betting against your team is what one wants.

If any of your 4 definitions of a loser are correct, the following quote personally identifies one loser.
"I've hated the service I've received at some places, so I haven't returned"

"People betting against out team are losers" ???? Gimme a break, pal. Anybody in this country would get rich betting against the Cats.

IMO your thought process appears somewhat suffering.

If I could go to vegas and put down 10,000 on the cats, I guarantee you that the cats would win.

How about, for every game, all ticat fans get together, throw money into the pot, and send me down to bet :cowboy:

What brought on this pitch for monetary help?

Can't you find any suckers out there who'll give you money for your trips?

Try Toronto. They may fall for your spiel!

but then I would have to bet on the cats, ensuring they would lose 8)

Watch your language big mouth the paying customers have a right to there opinion so don't call someone a name just because they are sick of watching a crappy football team :roll: :thdn:reality s*cks doesn't it daaaa! we are all dumb :wink:

Actually people who accept losing are losers. Kinda points the finger back at the finger pointer don't you think

If you go to my prior post "free space on the bingo card" this team has been a total mess since 1990(98-99 being the exceptions) long before Bob Young ever took over,Im personally at a loss to figure this motley crew out any more,no longer do I expect wins anymore,there few and far between as rare as a twoheaded coin,the count is now at 19 wins,57 losses and 1 tie our last 77 games played

Bob has explained that mistakes were made and yes we are behind. But what I seen in the last 2 games is a team starting to gel.I live to far to have tickets ,but if I did , I would not be stupid to boycott. I had rennegade season tickets for 3 years just to see the cats a couple of times. Hang in, we have some great football ahead of us. If the fans of the riders had this attitude, they would not have a team and they would not be contenders for this years cup.

Actually people who accept losing are losers. Kinda points the finger back at the finger pointer don't you think
Check the banner at the bottom of this page. I've been here through many of these victories.

Where did I say I accept losing?? People would be more inclined to accept your drivel if you didn't make stuff up and tried to show at least a little objectivity once in awhile.

By your definition, I guess I'm a loser. But, at least I didn't CONVERT to be a loser.

Your post SCREAM that you accept losing. Defending this team now as is means accepting losing

oh, stifle.

OK Archie, even tho I’m not Polish

yeah, but I heard you were made and honorary dumb polack :lol: