Dear Bob

as blind as can be the team is going in the right direction.
i'm willing to bet anyone 20 bucks we win on friday.

You are on. Meet me in lot J with your money

to blame bob young is hilarious.
how about some solutions, i'm sure this city would have bailed this team from bankruptcy.
be thankful for ballard and young because truth be known we wouldn't have a team here.
how's ottawa doin?

5pm friday

What about the $20 you owe me?

I feel like a Leaf fan in the 1980's ...

OK so who are you?

lol sorry the way my luck’s been going lately id better bring the 40

Take 2 aspirins and a glass of water,NSK

There are lot's of more important things
to worry about. Don't let this get to you.

Just imagine how cranky you would be
if our performances were in backwards order

and these last 2 games vs Winnipeg and BC
were our first 2 games of the season,

and we just lost 37-9
to Calgary last night.

Obviously, those big tears in your eye
have blurred the fact that Charlie Taaffe
has followed the KISS principle to a tee.

which means to


Actually the kid makes a valid point. Too much time has been spent on things other than football by this ownership. Don't get me wrong I agree with progressive improvement and feel we may be seeing it but feel good stuff isn't going to help the team win games and without winning games ticket sales will decline. Bob's biggest weakness is that he is spending more time and effort making this team loser proof that trying to change the losing. I believe he is finally getting it but frankly some people are going to need to see results before they become believers in Bob's management choices. For better or worse instant gratification is the expectation of the majority. You and I know it doesn't work that way but thats life and Bob isn't handling the situation well

I think we will have a winning season in a couple of years or so. Thats fine.
BUT....we were told by Scott Mitchell at the beginning of the season that the goal was a playoff spot this year.
Not only was his judgement sadly lacking but they also backed the wrong horse by hanging onto Maas.

If we can't finish ahead of Toronto and Montreal then i think we have problems. Neither of those teams have looked very good. Hamilton has played some good football, though defensively we need to tighten up. Especially late in the game.

I do not blame Bob Young - he has the money and can tell his staff and team to do anything that he wants them to do - HE CANNOT HOWEVER, TELL ME THAT I CANNOT YELL ARGOS SUCK or WEAR the same such button and t-shirt. He has got to learn nice guys finish last. Let's first of all bring back the tiger and get rid of the cartoon logo

Huh? Toronto and Montreal both made us look pretty bad, along with lots of help from our own team. What on earth are you talking about?

We can blame Bob all we want for not providing a winning team. Lets not lose sight of the fact that without Bob, we have no team.

At this point we'd be better off without a team.

Are you kidding me? If I adopted your attitude, I'd simply stop going to games and leave this site.

Why don't I see you doing that?

At this point we'd be better off without a team.
IGNORE THIS BOB. This person's view does not represent Tiger-Cat fans. I hope you just said that out of frustration.

I did say it out of frustration but frankly its getting to the point where I don't enjoy going at all. Everything is good until the game actually starts

Defence is not the team's biggest problem. Scoring TDs is. Period.

An Argo-Cat fan