Dear Bob & Co.

In the past several months, there has been alot of talking.

In the media, on the internet, behind closed doors and so on. Some letters too. From you, our council and mayor, even from Mr Cohon at CFL HQ. All of this is directed at someone or some other orginization. Shots across bows, ultimatums and such.

But nobody is talking to us.

The fans.

Can someone please talk to us and tell us what is going to happen to our Tiger-Cats?

We are the faithful. We are not blaming, we are filled with anxiety about a future without pro-football in our great city.

Please talk to us.


I say jump ship now before it sets sail.

I've thought about that if the only team left in Southern Ontario is the Argos could i switch black and gold for double blue? It might be the CFLs best chance.

I'll never join the darkside I'd Rather Cheer for a NFL Team Full Time

If the Ticats leave, I leave. I like the CFL game, but honestly, I have a hard time getting interested in a league that sees its teams play the other 3 divisional opponents 3 times in a season. How much drama is there in seeing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 3 times in 5 weeks? I could never cheer for the Argos because no matter the reason, I would never hear the end of that after my years of mocking and disparaging them.

Sorry Hamilton, no Cats, no interest.

The City has it’s side, Bob Young has his side, but what about the Loyal Fans side.

The City had to do what it believed was best for the City, Bob Young has to do what he believes to be best for Bob Young, We The Fans need to do what is best for the We The Fans.

I have been a loyal fan of the Ti-Cats for over three decades, just about jumped ship eight years ago.
Along comes Bob in his Pocket Protector Armor to save the day. I decided to give it a try and stay with the Cats as many others did.
I really liked Bob for saving the Cats and the promise of better things to come.
He gave us the five year plan that did not work, it has now been seven, and the field product is still not up to what he promised or even up to what it should be.
He told us that he made mistakes, and then asked us to keep being loyal.

He now seems to be the one who wishes to jump ship and wishes to forget about the LOYAL FANS that he asked to stay.

We need to stop wasting our money on something with no future NOW!
Take up some other Sport / Hobby to fill the gap.
DO IT NOW, do not wait until end of next season when he says he has no home in Hamilton, show him that Loyalty is a two way street.
Show him that he can lose a lot more in the next season and half with empty stands.

If they move to Burlington, Kitchener, London, or anywhere else, they will no longer be the Hamilton Tiger Cats or My Team.

Just my 2 cents, for what it is worth . . . .

I love the CFL more than the TigerCats, even if a team is in Toronto I'll probably get seasons, and I grew up adoring the DB anyways so it's easy for me. I hated the TigerCats growing up in London, but did love Garney Henley have to admit.

But would Toronto take my money if I told them I was from Hamilton? :lol:

A well thought out and eloquent post.

Yes, but why does he need to say it twice? (Don't worry I won't repeat my reply a second time!)


Sorry, I know Cut and Paste is not really proper.

I thought one directed to Mr. Young and Crew would be seen by them better.
If a MOD gan delete my POST from the main page, then please do.

Remember I too am a Fan, I just do not like what I have heard as of late.
I am a Hamilton Tiger Cat Fan, If Hamilton does not have the Tiger Cats, then I have no team to follow and will no longer follow the CFL.

Thank you for your passion. Ticat fans stick up for each other. :thup: :thup: