Dear BB's O-Line

Our three exuses for last season in no particular order:

I’m glad Mr. Khari Jones is not a Bomber.
I’m glad Ritchie was fired.

You guys have no hope, if you continue to play like you did on Saturday night. I respect Daley, because as he’s stated, the 2 most pivotal assets any football team must adopt are:

1 QB
2 the offensive line

I’m also a firm believer in that philosophy.

Tee Martin is our guy. As much as I think Kevin Glenn is a great QB, you (O-Line) guys must perform on Thursday. We fans should have your heads on a plate, Charles Roberts reduced to 10 yards rushing is inexcusable!!!

i agree the bb’s online sucks

Sure, sure.

question marks on the ‘O’ line were answered a bit in Regina…I didn’t think they played all that bad…however you got to wonder what’s going on when Fuegil comes to town and leaves faster than he arrived…I understand he wanted to be inserted into the line-up right away…failing that he would have to go on the Pr. and he wouldn’t buy it…what ticks me off is we won’t ever know how good or bad this guy could have been for us… the coaches therefore must be satisfied with what we have …I hope they can hang in there for TEE or we will still be scratching around for good O LINE PLAYERS…CAN ANYONE SAY NFL CUTS. :?:

the bb’s site is bad, where is the dept chart???

but the shop is good.

Fuegil??? Don’t make me laugh… have you seen this guy play ball? Let the guy leave his worm hole on the way to China, we don’t need yellow belly’s on the Bombers.

Big Huge linemen scare me…but it appears other teams defence doesn’t agree.

Can you say"six pack" and “shot gun” for the rest of the season.

let’s see Fuegil rookie of the year offensive lineman in TO…GREY CUP RING FROM LAST YEAR…nope no credentials in this league…bigcanadiano.

What I meant was, if the guy doesn’t want to join us on the practice roster… he DOESN’T deserve to be here. That’s the point I’m making. NO CRY BABY CRAP. Do it like everyone else would be expected. If you think a guy that enters a completely different offensive scheme, won’t need time to adjust, then you missed my point entirely. We don’t need big ugly line-man that don’t have a clue about that means. If you don’t agree, then you rather believe SectionT… but I wouldn’t recommend you join his band wagon.


You OBVIOUSLY don’t have the finesse or smarts associated with the position of o-line either.

well I somewhat agree with you, bigcanadiano, about the fact Fuegil wouldn’t or couldn’t wait for his reps. but you have to admit we aren’t exactly busting with talent on the O line …but I agree if he wanted to play for us that bad he should have hung around a little bit longer before he bolted for the door…that was chickensh*t :arrow: it’s time for the guys we got to step-up…Bobo you’re missed but I’m still pi&&ed at ya.

Would we please spot with the rascist comments on this topic!!!

JC, my girlfriend is Japanese and I find the term “Yellow bellys” higly ofensive!

Kanga I THINK HE MEANT YELLOW, like in chicken ,not a racial slur…maybe he should explain his comment though.

You OBVIOUSLY don’t have the finesse or smarts associated with the position of o-line either.

I see creative thinking isn’t YOUR strong suit as well. Have you been watching the games on the radio or did someone who knows nothing about football “sign it” to you?

The point I was making is unless we pass or the QB is a least 6 steps behind the line WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE TIME TO MOVE THE BALL anywhere before TEE gets crushed. I haven’t seen such lack luster effort since the Renebold era.

Maybe we can get some of the Rifles or Bisons can fill in. At least they put out an effort.
Oh, by the way, I do agree with your point that we don’t need anyone who doesn’t want to be here. However, we do need players with heart and grind. From my seat, only Stegal and Stodard have that and Stodard isn’t even starting but that’s another post.

16 years of season txs give me a right to my b.i.t.c.h.

Over to you BigC :wink:

Actually, I thought the o-line was a bright spot in the game. Didnt they give up just one sack. That Sask D led the league last year if I recall. And Glenn didnt scramble much, he had time to throw, just couldnt get the ball to our receivers. Also we had no running game, yes because they didnt open any holes for the little guy, but christ I have been saying it for years, Roberts is to darn small, he never breaks the first tackle. We need to give the ball full back more to loosen up that dline, pound it down their throats and then go with the little guy once they start to tire. I dont think the oline is the problem, the problem was the qb and not pounding the ball to loosen up the dline. Roberts was a great back for one reason, Mike Sellars, the best darn full back who ever played for the bombers. For Roberts to be successful we need the full back to be able pound it.

Would a simple no suffice??? Yeah I hope so… I’m not into damage control. My statement stands. It has nothing to do with race, unless half of the Bombers were Japense on their current 2005 roster. Call it what you will, but being a “racist” wasn’t my intent. I’m sorry to have offended you.

EDIT: and I respect everyone’s opinion on here concerning the O-Line. We clearly saw the need to discuss the O-Line. I think we can all agree on that.

Agreed on the O-line.

And this Yellow-belly thing.
First off, enough with the politically correct thing. For cring out loud anything can be turned into and raciallly derogatory comment if you spin it hard enough.
Secondly, I really don’t think BigC was spinning that way.
Thirdly, don’t be so over sensitive. This is a forum about really big men( of many colours and religions) kicking the crap out of each other and lightly clothed cheerleaders ( except Edmonton and their boys, what’s up with that). I hear the Opra site has a forum for such things.
and lastly, not belittling your feelings on the issue, just the reaction.
Besides you said you find it offensive, let your girlfriend post her reaction.

Oh yeah one other thing…


I’m just saying watch your mouth, I got a two crazy black guys on my ass in college cuz I called one “N@#$%” cuz he treated me like shit and sexturaly abosed me.

Whatever Kanga. We’ve killed that point.

…KK, time for a history lesson…The name “yellow bellies” derives from cowardice created during the war of the roses when there was turmoil in the houses of York and Lancaster.The people of that time whom had no interest in the war were forced to move. Most of which moved east to lincs and norfolk.To this day they are still known as the lincolnshire “yellow bellies”, don’t know why exactly, I think it had something to do with colour on their armour, but the term has literally nothing to do with the Japanese…

…on the other hand, calling a black guy a n!@@*$ and only getting beat up?, you’re lucky you’re not dead…