Thinking I know why he sat at home for so long. He isn't as good as he use to be. I doubt he will be playing for us next year. 17 yd miss? Wow!

somebody warm up the truck! :twisted:

Canuck Truck ?

Two weeks in a row if we have a real FG kicker we are moving the ball into position to either tie as in the game against Montreal or win as in the case this week. Big difference from having to get a TD. In fact if we had a bona fide kicker (i.e. Luca Congi) we would be in a position to host a home playoff game and not waiting to see who else loses to see whether we are in the east or west. What the h8ll they were thinking when they let Luca go I will never know. Our chances of winning in the playoffs are very slim with Deangelis kicking FGs.

I say go for it on third down. Don't even let DeAngelis try field goals anymore. This guy has cost us more than one game with his shanking.

The short miss was dissapointing for sure.

On the longer one he missed we made a really bad play call.............QB sneak? That lost us 4-5 yards and made the kick longer?

But 44 yards or 34 yards..............two misses cost us a better chance yesterday.

Let's call out Dressler as well. Everyone's favourite is immune from the critics. Geftlaf drops a few and everyone is all over him. Dressler has 4-5 drops in the last 2-3 games? Let's call him out and suggest he should sit down and try out Brooks Foster.

And Dressler will be our MVP? can you be MVP when you drop TD's! We don;t have an MVP this season. That sort of is how the season has gone?

Good chance Chris Milo could be ready to play in B.C. on Saturday. Hope all goes well.

:thup: :thup: :thup: On all of it.

clearly he is not the All Star that he once was but he was beginning to be consitant on average distance FGs. He clearly has been affected by having to handle the punting duties also. Not too many kickers at any level with the exception of the CFL are still doing both duties so it is not something that a team shoukd take a chance on unless they know for sure they have a gut who can do both and there are very few now that can successfully. Mostteams are realizing that using one of the 21 non import spots or one of the three designated import spots are well worth using for a punter and leave the place kicking to the best place kicker. lessoned learned.
I suspect that if the Riders brought in another punter next year that Milo will become a solid FG kicker.

I miss Luca..

At that time........releasing Luca seemed very smart. Can he bounce back after ACL/MCL surgery? We have a young guy who did all the jobs well! Salary cap.

But it just hasn't materialized.

Luca has kicked awesone. Good for him to answer that question so well. He's top flight kicker in the league.

Milo has struggled. Early in year FG's were a mystery. Then when he was left alone with punting he had a spell where his consistency went out the window.

But we saved some cash................that we spent on Sandro?

And we really miss a big leg on kickoffs. We don't land a kick anywhere within the goalline and the 15? Teams start at the 35 yard line or better everytime.

Arghghh. Right decision at that time. But it has not followed up as intended.

As a Ticat fan, Sandro makes me hate him more and more each and every game.

The Riders had a lot of turnover this season, which would be an undrstatment so keeping up with everyting and getting everyting right in the first season with Chanbalain and Taman would be impossible but they sure di get a whole bunch right. One thing about the Kicking game is that Chamblain has learned that it is worth the roster spot to have seperate players doing the place kicking and punting. Milo indeed may be better served next season to handle just place kicking giving the Riders a young on the rise Kicker with some leg. Let someone else worry about punting in the wind during fall games at Mosaic, that there is really a full time job in itself.
It takes a very special kicker in this era to be able to do both effectively and the field position part of the game is just to important to take the punting position for granted.
They seem to have something special with Milo so dont force feed him during the early stages of his career and the Kicker spot coud be solidified for years to come.
The time has come for the thought process to change and looking to the CIS for a player who is a great punter may be in the best interest of not just the Riders but the rest of the CFL also. Once University kickers see that they can make it in the CFL as just a punter you will see the punters getting better at the CIS level.

They treated Luca VERY poorly. Gave his job to Milo who went 2 for 5 in his first 2 or 3 games just as Luca came off the 9 game. Then they let Luca go at the end of the year and made Milo a team captain. Milo punts great but couldn't kick a FG to save his life this year, so they had to go out and burn an import slot to get Sandro (which is why they cut excellent punter Eddie Johnson last year, to save an import).

Now Luca is having a career year and the league's all star place kicker. And good on him. He served the Riders damn well for 6 years and they kicked him to the curb for an inconsistent rookie who couldn't pull the double duty to save the import spot anyways.

And to top it all off, Sandro can't kick into or even with wind at all. Better hope the cross over so that they play their playoff games all in domes and no wind. Totally inconsistent ever since he came to town. Hovering around 70%. 2 games in a row lost by the amount of points that Sandro missed. He's played about 10 games now and at least 4 of them have been ghastly performances.

Another move bites Taman in the a$$.

I actually seriously entertained that thought on Saturday at one point.

After shaking the rust off Deangelous seemed to be settling in after the first two games but then they added the punt duties on to him when Milo got hurt and it has cost them the last two games. Teams by now shoud realize that the kicking game is too important to mess with and after one week of Deangelous pulling double duties they should have brough in Boreham the next week. A learning experience for a rookie haed coach. Do not mess with the kicking game!

Only have one issue with your post, and that is that Sandro is not an import. I think Luca has impressed a lot of people this year and not many people expected him to have even close to a good of a year as he is having. I wish he was still a Rider as I think he loved it here.

And we loved him too.

DeAngelis n'a pas vu d'action pendant un an et demi.

Au début de sa carrière, il lui a fallu 2 ans d'apprentissage avant de devenir le botteur qu'il a été. DeAngelis pourrait peut-être revenir à sa forme d'antan l'an prochain, sachant qu'un poste l'attend. Mais il serait souhaitable pour les Roughriders qu'il ait de la compétition au camp d'entraînement, et pas seulement de Milo. Les Eskimos auront un botteur canadien de trop l'an prochain (Shaw ou McKnight) et il pourrait y avoir une opportunité de ce côté.

Cela dit, les Roughriders ne sont pas les seuls à avoir un casse-tête avec leur botteur. C'est aussi le cas des Alouettes, où Whyte est très ordinaire pour dégager, à Toronto, où Préfontaine ralentit, et à BC, où McCallum a eu certaines difficultés sur les dégagements. On peut s'attender à ce que de nouveaux visages fassent leur apparition l'an prochain.

Why is Deangelous punting in the BC game. they just brought in a punter. Perfect chance to give him a look in game action. Deangelous having to do all three duties in Calgary next week could be quite costly.