De'Angelis' Winning Field Goal Dance

I'm surprised no one mentioned this considering all of the attention Maciocca usually gets for his early celebrations/ dances or whatever you want to call them. According to fellow esks fans over at,ESPN ran De'Angelis' dance down. :lol:

Sure, how about a poll.
Me personally, :o WOW :o, what an embarassment!

By the way, anyone have any clips of this?

Ya I still have it

Its been mentioned many times here. That
was the whole point of the dance, be
outragious, show our receivers up. Guess
you had to be a stamp fan to appreciate it.

Lighten up a little, unlike Macaroni we'd
won the game at that point.

I missed that game! Can someone post a clip of the dance?

If my kicker could nail two crucial 50+ yarders under tremendous pressure, he could dance like a chicken all he wants and I wouldn't bother one bit.

At least DeAngelis danced when the win was in the book. It's not like your Sugarplum Fairy...

What's up with all this dancing crap? First, the receives danced in the end zone after scoring a touchdown. Then, they started shaking the booty after just getting a first down. Now, you've got kickers busting a move. What next, the zebras getting jiggy with it when they call the right call?

Maybe some people like this showboating, but I hate it.

They wouldn't dance that often, would they?

he wasnt bad

I thought it was great... shows the kid has a great passion for the game. :cowboy:

I also thought it was great, this kid has so much enthusiasm, and with talent to boot.
I don't take this as ESPN trashing Canada or anything, just a good ribbing and clip if nothing else, just happenned to be from a CFL game.

for those that have a problem with how players celebrate, why pay any attention to it. Get up, get another drink, by the time you return, it will all be over. Personally, I am indifferent. Usually I find it stupid, but then I shrug and forget about it.

Or what about after a goal in hockey the guy does a face plant agains't the glass with his arms up in the air jumping on his skates. Totally useless but having a good time, fine, indifferent also.

Personally, I like it, I think it’s fun to watch them celebrate…

But then, I thought it was hilarious when Machokie danced for the win, and then lost… :rockin:

Celebrations are great. It gets the fans pumped up because the players are acknowledging them.

no they're not!
They are just show boating!

Geeze the trouble I go to for you guys!

:lol: :lol:

Here is the video of "The Dance"

I wish the quality was better its pretty bad compared to what I have on my PC

I hate the Stamps, I hate the touchdown dance most...But when the kicker hits from 50 yards out, in a matter of a couple minutes to Win the game...let the Boy dance...He deserves it...He bailed out the freaking Stamps..

Thanks for posting that! hahahaha i still hate myself for missing that game.

Good on him. Why can't a kicker celebrate? After all he did kick a 53 yarder to win the game.

Just watched the clip and I agree. Let the man dance. That to me is more impressive than catching a well thrown ball when a defender falls and you are all alone, which happens all the time. So yes, let him dance. I am just choked that he stole all my best dance moves.

Go Riders!!