DeAngelis to sign with Ticats: Report

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After five great seasons in Calgary, the CFL’s most accurate kicker has found another home.

It just so happens this one is closer to home.

A CFL source has confirmed Sandro DeAngelis will sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and the move could be announced Monday morning. The deal is not official and is still subject to league approval.

DeAngelis became a free agent Feb. 15 when the Stamps failed to get him under contract, but this move brings the 28-year-old, his wife Cassi and

10-month-old son Max closer to his family in Niagara Falls, Ont.

The Nebraska product spent the off-season searching for an NFL job and actually had two workouts — with the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons — but offers didn’t emerge. It appears DeAngelis has put the dream of playing for an NFL team behind him.

Nice pick up by the Cats. Looks like Cate's gonna be the last one picked. :lol:

The Ti-Cats have called a press conference for 3 this afternoon to announce their newest free agent signing. If it does turn out to be DeAngelis, that's going to be a huge coup for Obie.

Closer to Buffalo/Detroit...

It's official.

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed the most accurate kicker in Canadian Football League history, Sandro DeAngelis.

“We are pleased to improve our kicking game with the addition of the most accurate kicker in the history of this league,? said General Manager Bob O’Billovich. “Throughout his career, Sandro has proven to be very consistent and has shown the ability to handle pressure. We’re looking forward to seeing him perform at a high level in Hamilton.?

DeAngelis, a 5-8, 195-pound native of Niagara Falls, Ontario connected on 83.8% of his field goal attempts and averaged 59.4 yards per kickoff over the past five years with the Calgary Stampeders. DeAngelis has been named a CFL All-Star three times, a West Division All-Star five times and a CFLPA All-Star twice. He was Calgary’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in each of his five seasons and was named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2006.

DeAngelis, 28, was named the Most Valuable Canadian of the 2008 Grey Cup after kicking five field goals in the Stampeders championship victory over Montreal.

Last season, the Nebraska product was good on 42-of-49 field goal attempts (85.7%) and averaged 60.7 yards on 109 kickoffs.

HUGE gain for Hamilton, huge loss for Calgary. Looks like they may really give Montreal a run for their money this year!

...definitely going to miss SD...he's like the Big Driver in your golfbag, you dont' pull it out often but when you need to it's nice to have....good luck in the hammer Sandro, don't expect too many cheers though on your return :wink: ....

Why was he allowed to leave? :?

He refused to re-sign in Calgary, I don't know wether it was because he wanted to go elsewhere or the offer wasn't good enough.

So does Calgary sign Nick Setta now? :lol:

That actually wouldn't suprise me at all lol.And what's this I hear about Dale's probably being cut? :slight_smile:

...they've threatened to cut Dales three out of the past four years so it seems, and somehow it all works out...but who knows this year...

So do we have odds on which Ticat Deangelis will piss off and get beat up by?, good one Bill, and by virtue of this signing the Tigercats automatically become the whiniest team in the, sure feels good to shake that burden off...

And the one season they didn't threaten to cut him they re-signed him when he became an FA and had almost signed with the Bombers.

Haha. I bet it does. You do still have Hank though, so it may be a tie. :wink:

Great signing by Hamilton, that really helps shore up their special teams.

He's one of the most annoying players in the league, so as an Argos fan, I'm not happy that he's moving to the East. Now he'll get to piss me off 4 or more times a year.

Damn. Billy beat me to it! :lol:

Hey Red dare I say about the conspiracy theory idea.
Including numerous coaching staff and management and now Sandro, what exactly is going on in Cowtown?
Jumping ship from the Titanic?
All is not well with under Captain Huff? Mutiny in effect? Who is next?

...are you going to raise this question every time someone leaves the stampeders?...Deangelis hasn't been on our squad for months now, sheesh, give it up already....