DeAngelis released

Just saw this on the main page. Ouch. :lol: Although can you really say your surprised?

To be honest, I am. I said it in the Ticats section but I don't like the way this was handled by the team. First DeAngelis agrees to a pay cut, then after the Medlock trade they tell him he will get a shot at TC to win the job and then they release him a week and a half before TC starts when it will be more difficult for him to try to catch on with another team.

And yes, I would feel the same way if it were the Bombers or any other team who treated a player like that.

Agreed. I would not have been surprised at all had he been released shortly after the Medlock acquisition. . . but to do it this way seems disrespectful. I know it's a business and all, but still, after he agreed to a pay cut and was told he'd have a chance to win the kicker's job in training camp, the timing stinks and doesn't reflect well on the organization.

Mind you, if it happens that he actually requested his release, then my opinion changes 180 degrees.

He may not be done. . . Montreal may come calling, so may some other teams shortly after the season starts if their kickers struggle.

I forgot about the paycut. Double ouch. :lol: That is kind of low...

I agree. It seems unlikely that he would wait until 11 days before TC starts to do that.

I can't see Montreal calling after trading a 1st round pick for Whyte.

Obie over paid and he knew it ..
so now he cut bate he know for this ..
Look what did with Kenton Keith and others..

It's his MO

Not surprising it happened, but in the end, there's only one person to blame for him being unemployed: himself.

I think he was really supposed to compete in TC but was probably deemed expandable when the list of who they wanted to sign for TC was finalized.I agree that the timing is terrible for DeAngelis and Obie has before cut players with well enough time to catch on with another team so it's not like he's a jerk by any means.Personally, I didn't really want to see 5 kickers brought in to duke it out for the top spot.Medlock vs. Gunderson works for me.And with all the LB's brought in, especially N/I i'm not too broken up about the Hargaves move.DeAngelis could do well with another team and I hope he does, there was a lot of love for him in Hamilton before he cost us game after game.

He was horrible no question and I don't care what the circumstances are, if Obie sees this as the way to go and had to do it now, so be it. It's pro sports and that's the way it works sometimes for whatever reasons we aren't always aware of.

Wow one year a hero the next a zero. Mental blocks can be killer, can he reclaim his Stampeder glory? I don't think being that good for a complete season was a fluke, maybe the pressure of playing in front of family got to him.

LOL - bad timing, but karma's a b****. The guys is an arrogant clown.
Sandra went from the most accurate kicker to out of a job in a year.
I do believe he will likely surface should a team suffer an injury to their kicker, so he better keep training and be game ready when he gets that call. If not, there goes his career.

Football is a cutthroat business. Players come and go all the time...if you don't perform, you don't play.

And sometimes you don't play even if you do perform.

I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner, and I'm surprised that a trade wasn't made for him when we picked up Medlock. To be fair, he did cost us several games, including our playoff game, but still it seems a bit unprofessional from the team's head office. Then again, we don't know the specfic details on this one.

Maybe DeAngelis and Damon Duval can use their free time to consult a good sports psychologist... The both of them have the physical tools to be successful. It is "between the ears" where they need the most coaching.

Not surprised he was released, but like others, I don't like the timing of his release, following the contract restructuring and the promise of an open competition at TC. That's not how you deal with a man who has a livelihood to make. If they didn't want him, they should have cut him right after acquiring Medlock and given him a chance to catch on somewhere else.

sandro cost the cats many games last season, including the playoff game.

they made sandro admit ( via pay cut ) that he is worth nothing and that it was all his fault, then released him.

good move, IMO.
the guy is a BUM!

That is just plain silly and reeks of pettiness. They should have just released him in March but then I guess the optics of releasing a player a couple of weeks after he takes a pay cut wouldn't have been great either.

There were many factors that lead to his late release.They needed a N/I punter to pair with him (had Ifield but that's all they could find), they wanted guys that could do all 3 jobs instead of just two (kick, kick-off, punt), they wanted to free some roster space for more TC bodies, they wanted to free up some salary cap space, and most importantly they wanna win the cup this year.They tried waiting it out to see if there was a way it could work or if they could trade him but nothing came up so they had to let him go.It's unfortunate, but that's the nature of the beast sometimes.You can't just bring the guy to camp cause you don't wanna hurt his feelings.He'll easily sign with another team, be it CFL or UFL, possibly even NFL.

Couldn't find an NI punter - How hard did they really look?

One guy to do all the kicking - You seriously think they hadn't already made that decision when they traded for Medlock?

Free up some roster space - The Ticats currently have 64 players on their roster (that number includes the signings announced today). The limit for TC is 68 players plus non-counters. Roster space is not an issue.

Free up cap space - How did that need change between the time of the Medlock trade and now?

Wow, quite the conspiracy guy aren't ya?It's as simple as this.Medlock was brought in so that we'd have a proven kicker to compete with DeAngelis.All off-season Obie's been scouting N/I punters that they can pair up with DeAngelis, all that came up was Ifield who has 0 CFL experience (hello Palardy disaster all over again), and that's it.Then after scouting all the american camps, they figured it'd be better to have a ton competition in other areas of need (RB, DB,WR) than have 5-6 kickers in camp.And yes we did need the roster space, today we just signed 5 DB's and Drew Edwards of the Spec expects at LEAST 10 more players in the coming days.Also, even with DeAngelis' pay cut I imagine he was still making a pretty penny.Why hang onto him when we have a guy that can dominate at all 3 kicking phases (Medlock)