DeAngelis is Leaving Calgary

Heat up the welcome wagon. Someone's paying a visit perhaps?

well......WELL! :wink:

Obie, PLEASE bring Sandro home!

I hope he signs with us too; but watch out for the Argos. Both eastern teams as you know; he's from the east(Niagara Falls). :rockin: :cowboy:

Maybe he's following Barker to the Argos????

The Argos have two good kickers on the roster. :cowboy:

Buckwheat Medlock is gone to Washington. They only have 1 and he's more of a punter

Wonder if Obie knew this before he released Setta?

Maybe a little bird told him something and DeAngellis did not want to sign with the Cats just to compete with Setta in camp??

The release of Setta maybe cleared the way for us to sign Sandro!!

I'd rather get hit by a bus than get excited over a kicker possibly signing

It's a pretty boring offseason

I guess you have a pretty short memory.

The seasons after Ozzie and before Setta were tough to watch at times.
This is the CFL man.
Kickers are VERY important....especially if you do not have a good one.

Just ask Setta.He only cost us 2 or 3 games this year.

Does anyone know how much $$$ DeAngelis is asking? Is he still trying to fulfill his NFL dream?

Calgary Stampeders give up on re-signing DeAngelis

By Sean Myers, Canwest News Service

February 13, 2010 Calgary Herald


He’s made no secret of his ambitions to play south of the border in the NFL and had a workout with the Dallas Cowboys at the end of January.

That put him ahead of last year when he was unable to secure a single tryout
while exercising his option-year NFL opportunities during the off-season.

In November, he discussed his plans to try to get on with an NFL team.

“Looking down south is something I have to do,? DeAngelis said at the time.

“It’s one of those things that if I don’t do it, I’ll have regrets the rest of my life.?

DeAngelis made 42 of his 49 field-goal attempts during the 2009 season.

Hufnagel was travelling and unavailable for comment
Saturday and DeAngelis could not be reached.

:o WOW...What an ignorant statement to make! Good thing you aren't a GM! Last I checked, Special Teams made up 1/3 of a football team! When you have an opportunity to upgrade in any area, you do it! Sandro is considered by MOST to be the best kicker in the league...He's Canadian and a hometown guy...What is there not to be excited about?! Give your head a shake!

I think signing DeAngelis is what Obie hinted at when he said that he wanted to tinker with the ratio on special teams.

Huge loss for the Stamps. This guy was money. If he doesn't make a NFL roster, it'll be interesting to see where he ends up. The Argos just lost Medlock to the NFL and the Cats cut Setta. My guess is the Argos since the Cats wouldn't even give him a tryout when he came calling a few years ago.

An Argo-Cat fan

Can't say that I'm excited over this. If he could punt like Setta, then I might be over his better FG % combined with his being a non-import. I'm hoping Obie has other plans that led to releasing Setta.

yes the 2-4 field goals he'll be kicking really makes up one third of a football game, you must be a high school math teacher.

Possibly. Bob Young was playing coy on the Caretaker's update last week saying he can't get into specifics, but as they have always said, "better is better." Obie doesn't make moves just for the hell of it.

I hope we are signing DeAngelis. I wasn't keen on releasing Setta before camp without a replacement and I don't think they would do that.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Kickers often win playoff games!

I'm also a Cowboy fan. If Sandro doesnt stay in the CFL I hope he goes to Big D. God knows we need a PK.