Deane fined by CFL for Chop Block on Laurent

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#Redblacks OL J’Michael Deane was fined by #CFL for his chop block on #TIcats DT @tedlaurent. It forced Laurent to miss 93-yard TD play.

Took their freakin' time with it...

hmmm… I wonder if Whiney Hank believes Deane belongs in the CFL… or Hinds for that matter…

I saw this and wonder if the delay in announcing was to not put negative attention on the game during Grey Cup week. I suspect that Deane was notified in a timely manner.

Now if the TSN "Insiders" had just used the same common sense instead of rumoured reports during the week and yesterday about who might be going to Saskatchewan, as well as rumours about Cornish retiring, Milanovich maybe going to Maryland to coach and various other tidbits of so-called "must-know" information that came out yesterday afternoon just a few hours before the game! :roll: There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that couldn't have waited another 24-48 hours to be announced!

We all know that the CFL wouldn't mention this during Grey cup week in Winnipeg although if it was the regular season it would just fall into line and be mentioned the week after the game.

The last thing the CFL wants is anything negative on Ottawa at that time and not sure if it was anyone else that they would get the same treatment or not?

I wonder what Henry feels about that play or some of the other questionable hits by his team mates during the year? It always seems to be the other guys fault for Hank Burris!!


I too was wondering about the delay in announcing the fine.

Did the CFL think it could be disruptive for Ottawa's prep for the Grey Cup with Deane being questioned about it or Burris being asked he thought it was a dirty hit or compare it to the Lawrence hit?

All year fines have been announced during the week after the incident but not this one. Hmm.

Was the CFL protecting the Redblacks so the would not be put at a competitive disadvantage?

Things like this get the conspiracy theorists going.

The answer is out there.

I'm sure it's just a coincedence. Like how it was just a coincidence that Edmonton had to call a timeout to get the clock reset from 10 seconds to 15 seconds when they were knocking on the door near the end of the first half.