DeAndra .... Not Getting it Done

I don't know what's changed with DeAndra Cobb, but after 10 games of regular league play, this guy is no
longer a threat to carry the ball as he did last year. I think the team has persevered with him long enough,
and its time to move on.

He remains very tentative when he gets the ball and as pointed out by one of the TSN analysts in today's game,
he takes a handoff or a pitchout and tends to lean his body backward rather than forward. In his best game this year,
he amassed 99 yards rushing. Most of his games by now show that his running game has soured with rushing yardages
well below his averages last year.

Many are saying he isn't much of a threat because he's not getting enough touches. I say the touches aren't there
because he's not getting the yards. Time for an NFL cut? We need a balanced offense and this guy is not giving it to us.

Thoughts...... ?

my thought are you couldn't be more right.
we need a hard noise back we will power through guys nit try and dance around them.

I'm surprised a running back wasn't brought in for a looksie during the bye week. There's a kid from New York who was up this week but he seems to be another Cobb/Thigpen.

At the risk of getting attacked by half the posters on this list, we could do a lot worse than bringing a fellow by the name of Lumsden into camp. Imagine how good we would be with a healthy Lumsden and our aerial attack? I know, I know. Everyone start up your glass-running back comments…
But what if you are wrong and Lumsden stays healthy?
If he doesn’t, it would be at least a kick in the pants to Cobb…

running backs are the easiest players to find.
not sure why we cant find one...

But what about his divine destiny and God telling him to go to Hamilton?

I have no clue what your talking about lol

If it was God that communicated with him in a dream, then maybe we haven't seen the last of Cobb yet?

Why don't we just switch Cobb and Thigpen? Give more touches to Thigpen and let Cobb handle kick and punt returns. Afterall...that was Cobb's forte in college wasn't it?

Did you see him returning kicks the other week?
He looked horrible back there, he would dance and look for a massive hole... kinda like what he does in the back field.

In that case....maybe we should move him over to the cheer team if he does THAT much dancing.

Id rather look at the girls we have out there right now :wink:

Id rather look at the girls we have out there right now :wink:
[/quote] make a good point. I guess the last resort is to stick him in a costume and let him be the mascot???? make a good point. I guess the last resort is to stick him in a costume and let him be the mascot????
If he wants to run around and dance as the mascot im good with that lol

Running backs are a dime a dozen. I'm sure with all the nfl cuts we could get a couple in here asap. This time of the year is usually when teams find those diamonds in the rough. :cowboy:

I'd sign Stefan Logan if he hasn't been picked up by another NFL team. He's a proven commodity.

An Argo-Cat fan

And we slide into the same bad habits of canning everyone in sight who isn't the next George Reed ? :roll:

.... This is exactly what was wrong with the Tiger-Cats for the last 5 continuity because of the incessant desire for the magic bullet / quick fix instead of team-building

......Cobb is just fine and a solid member of this team.

One big game again and everyone will be loving him once more.

Quick fix? this isn't the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth game of the season. We have given him half a season and he is the worst back in the league. He has the lowest total yards for any started and his yards / carry is horrible. Take a look at the league rushing stats and tell me he should stay.

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With the NFL Cuts now done ,
I could see another back or two added Practice roster
The Lions cut a few good Backs

[url=] ... ede-dorsey[/url]

Really like this kid He got power and Speed

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I am sorry Danny would seen this kid he was in Detroit

We have given him half a season
We ?

I thought Obie and Coach ran things :wink:

We are on a win streak and Cobb is contributing his fair share while he works his way out of whatever funk you seem to think he is in