Deandra Cobb

What is his status ?


do not think he even saw any pre season action?

No, you're right. He hasn't played at all. Doesn't look too good for him either, with Whitaker and Marc seemingly entrenched at RB.

I'd hardly call them entrenched
A few bad games at RB and we're back to square one

Is Cobb on the 9-game IR or what/which?

Fair enough. Though I still think the job is Whitaker’s to lose, and he’d have to severely underperform in order for T&M to consider other options.

Is Cobb on the 9-game IR or what/which?
I don't know. I read that he was on the IR on Herb's blog, but no mention of whether that's the 1-game or the 9-game.

That's what I was asking. I knew he was hurt but isnt listed by team or in the the league transactions. Its like he doesn't exist.

I agree

So far...Whitaker's hit one hole that Stephen Hawking could've scored on
But that's kind of what I've been saying
What kind of approach is that to take to the running back position?
"Yep. We're solid at RB. This guy doesn't severely under-perform"


I look at it a bit differently. To me, it's more that the coaches are saying, "We like Whitaker. We think he can be the man in the backfield, even if there are a few hiccups in the early going."

Avon is a great player who was an important part of this team for three years. Replacing him isn't going to happen overnight. We don't have any choice but to be patient. And if nothing else, at least Whitaker and Marc showed some good things in the final preseason game.

in a way, he doesn't . :lol:

Agreed on all aspects.

Cobb and Bernard have both been put on the 1-game Injury List as per CFL Transactions of June 25.

Until he fumbled (hopefully not a habit), Whitaker was outperforming Avon and I now feel a bit more comfortable.

And with Avon spending so much time with his classless tweeting, I`m starting to lose some respect. Just play ball.

And our friends in Hamilton feel so great about their team after the preseason win, that they have just added Alouette cut Kyle Jones to their active roster.

Avon is not being classless, he's being Avon :slight_smile: Really the only guy he is putting pressure on is himself...

Avon is like Brad Marchand of the Bruins
An agitator who's great to have on your team
But who other teams love to hate
(cut to: Sedin being smacked around by a guy half his size)

That kind of in your face energy can really get your guys going
And put the other team off it's game

One of the intangible elements lost
With the departure of an Avon Cobourne


I agree that Avon is just being Avon. He's a firestarter, a motormouth agitator type. That's part of what he brings to his team. I don't hold his tweets against him and I wish him all the best, except when he plays Montreal. :wink:

Whitaker has definitely showed us some moxy. BUT the biggest differences between him and Avon, methinks, are:

  1. Finding the hole - Avon could react quickly and make something out of virtually nothing. Whitaker needs a hole for him, so the OGs/OTs will have to do their job this season.

  2. They both have good speed once they get a head of steam; Whitaker can hold his own. Avon could smash-mouth better, and fight for those extra couple of yards. In this sense, he is the more punishing of the two.

  3. Protecting the QB. Avon is clearly the winner here. Whitaker can get the job done, but this is one area of his game that will have to improve with the pass-first approach the of Als' O-schemes.

So, will we see a rotation at RB this season? That, in the final analysis, is clearly up to Whitaker. I don't doubt his talent or desire, but there are aspects of his game that need to improve. If that is the case, I think we'll be serious contenders again this year. Otherwise, let's erect the revolving door.

All these things improve as you get playing time assuming you work at it and have confidence in your abilities. It won't happen overnight so everyone will have to show patience, it is what it is.

Looking back at it, signing Anderson and preventing him from going to Hamilton while they neglected to sign Tisdale trumps everything. Look at Hamilton's secondary :slight_smile:

HfxTC On the topic that does not seem to die (loss of Cobourne), you hit the nail on the head re Whitaker and playing time. :thup:

Whitaker is to the running game
What Maypray is to the return game:
A barely competent "fill-in" for a CFL All-Star

We've seen what playing time has done for Maypray
Absolutely nothing
He was the worst punt returner in the league (among starters) last year
And he'll doubtless trump that accomplishment this campaign

I've seen nothing from either
Other than the ability to spot a hole big enough to park a Boeing
And run through it

"It is what it is"
Is small solace for fans who want to see another Grey Cup Parade
This lack of sufficiency in replacing key elements
Will eventually hobble this team
As our competitors load for bear
And we're "it"

Perhaps the talent in other areas can compensate for glaring weaknesses
But I'd like to hear from Popp why they'd have to
Especially when there's a whole league of players south of the border
Just dying to snap on a helmet
In 2011

Question for you since this seems to be a hot topic for you. How many games did Whitaker play last season? How many times did he touch the ball this pre season with the starting offensive line and the starting offensive unit?

I seem to recall a couple of occasions this pre season whereby Whitaker was in and the 2nd and 3rd string O line was on the field. And in more than one occasion, the opposition was in the the backfield or at the very lest, line of scrimmage. Pretty hard to gain yards when the D is in your face. Even Cobourne would and did have difficulty.