DeAndra' Cobb

Ok well good job Cobb you got two touchdowns tonight and everyone will be talking about how great of a game you had. Not me though. touchdown one he was wide open in the flat, great play call but anyone could have made that catch. Touchdown 2 nice run to the outside i'll give you credit for that one. However thats about all he did tonight other than one 9 yd run and another 15 yd or so.This is three games in a row, one more and he should be gone and yes i'm gonna say it again Give Lumsden one more shot. We will be a better team with Jesse the backfield then with Cobb. Now i'm ready to hear everyone say how i'm wrong, go ahead.

Cobb didn't have a great game. But he certainly looked better.
With the weapons we have at reciever we only need a few decent runs out of him, and i thought we got that tonight. Would still like to see some screens go his way though.

Average at best! If Obie looked around he could find better. :thup:

I really do not understand you guys. Last year he was the savior of the cats. This year he has to go. Why ? Again i ask WHY. It is only three games into the season, and you want to bring back a broken down no shoulder running back that could not stay healthy for two strait games if he had to. Give yourself a shake man.

WOW already chasing Cobb from town eh??

It's NOT just Cobb out there twits.... there are a bunch of factors that play into his success.... give it up already!!

Cobb was fine tonight.

Like most good backs, he gets better with more touches.

We have to give him the ball more and the big boys up front need to help out a little more.



And bozo's calling for the return of Jesse "The Man of Glass" Lumsden's return is sheer lunacy....

Why don't we run thiggy out of town as well. after all he didn't even score a td.


I don't think Cobb has had a lot of room out there to run.I would like to see them throw the ball more to him.Having both Cobb and Thigpen in the backfield was nice.

Thank god your not the coach then. Hmm ever wonder if perhaps the O line may not be giving him any holes to work with?

Cobb is still finding his legs. The cats need to utilize the run more often and then I think you would see Cobb start to shine. As far as Lumsden is concerned, there does not seem to be any interest in the guy. Who wants to pay out good bucks for someone who will not likely last the season.

Can't blame cobb the holes are not really there. he did Ok and i like the two of them in the backfield - Cobb and thigpen. Saying that, however, I would like to see Lumsden on the team BUT not to replace Cobb just as a power back...

A dual backfield of Cobb and Thigpen scares the hell out of teams, with the receivers we have already. Thank God some of the posters in this form, mainly the creator, are not involved with personnel decisions for this team.

No championship teams win with just one good running back. We have 2 which is great.

The one play the Ticats have not run this year that was the most dangerous play they ran for Cobb last year was the delayed screen play. They need to get Cobb out in the open field, then he will gain more confidence and the field will open up for him.

It amazes me that the guy got two TDs, had a couple of nice runs and some people want to get rid of him anyway. I guess if you don't run for 200 yards with three TDs every game you must be a lousy running back.

And the idea of bringing back JL... Yikes! At least Cobb stays on the roster consistently.

Maybe being a football fan isn't for you..

Cobb is fine , the 0-line needs to help him more,
the delayed screen w/ Cobb is something they haven't looked 2 much yet, that is funny
i was a little hesitant when i heard he gained weight because i don't like guys compromising athleticism
w/ more touches Cobb will get better.

replace him w/ Jesse? I have all the love in the world for Jesse and hope he can continue playing/being active in football
but the fact you think that - Is good indication how smart it would be to not want Cobb on this team.

wrong and wrong.

Well most of you did'nt read my post properly then, i am not calling for cobb to go yet, but just cause the guy had two td,s last night does not mean he played well, frankly he stunk other than 2 decent runs, he had holes but is not hitting them hard like he did last year. I said if he has a 4th weak game in a row then I think it's time to start looking around and hey if we do bring in JL he will be 5 games in and thats 5 games less than he would have had to play and maybe he would last the season. i do like Cobb but he is looking SO FAR like a one year wonder. And about the thank god i'm not running the team comments...seriously I wish you guys actually knew who you were talking to lol. I know talent when I see it but unfortunatly many people place their personal opinions infront of the most talent in the CFL in JL. Either way i'm not here to argue i was drunk again when I posted that after the game like every game so i still gotta back myself up, if your a ticats fan I still love ya.
Later all

I like having both Cobb and Thigpen in the backfield.The more we see Thigpen get involved in the offense,the more confused the opposition will be.A lot of factors go into the running game.Predictability,play calling,and no fullback or tight end,putting more focus on the 5 guys up front.And,if you have even just 1 or 2 fresh faces in there,that could change things.They need to get Cobb in the open field.I've always loved teams that pass the ball to their running backs,5 or 6 times per game.

Neither Cobb nor Thigpen appear to be effective straight ahead runners ala Troy Davis. If they were Calgary would not have made that goal line stand.