DeAndra' Cobb

DeAndra' Cobb and surprising Ticats playoff bound

Daniel Girard Sports Reporter Toronto Star

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Every night it's the same heart-wrenching phone call.

DeAndra' Cobb chats with his son. From three time zones away,

the 2-year-old demands: "Daddy come home."

This is the life of a pro athlete that we don't think about often.

And to add insult to injury these guys get to be booed
by their own fans every misstep they make along the way.

And for the money players make in the CFL

They gotta want it bad.


Marcel mentions D.J. Cobb's durability and explains
how that helps with game planning from week to week.

That's true, even if DeAndra sits out one game

the coaches have to devise a small package of new plays
and all the players have to to get them running smoothly

With the player's three 4 1/2 hour days
[2 hrs of meetings and 2 hrs of practice.]

and all the other preparation they have to do
that is an extra burden the team doesn't need.