DeAndra Cobb is Back

The O-Line opened up a little more running room tonight and he looked like a totally different player than he has all year.

This is the type of performance we need out of this guy down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Oskee Wee Wee.

shh, ya dont want to jinx him do ya :wink:

Let's see if he can put it together two weeks in a row before we proclaim "Cobb's back!!"

He did play well against Saskatchewan last year on Halloween,so maybe,he can grab lightening in a bottle again...

Take it easy now, he was great but let's see him do this on a more consistent basis.

We did see what he could do when holes are opened for him. But it was the defence that tends to make him look good that he was up against. And it was a depleted D line that BC had, was it not?

I wouldn't get too excited about this. Maybe if he starts doing well against teams other than BC we can.

We all want consistency out of the run game, but its gotta start by 1) the O-line creating some holes like tonight. 2) the Offensive Co-ordinator giving him more than 2 carries in the entire 1st half (like vs the Als).

A back is only as good as his line, and can only produce when he gets the ball.

What we saw tonight is that Cobb still has the talent to succeed in this league, now lets hope he continues to get the same type of opportunities.

It will open up Glenn and the passing game a lot more, if we have a two pronged attack.

It would be nice if the O-line would run block consistently...That would go a long way to changing things for Mr.Cobb.

I still think he's lost a step and it's fairly obvious.But there's another thing...All running backs tend to get better the more they touch the ball.Our system is a "Pass First" system and tends not to feature the run...

I agree if the O-Line can open holes we will have success on the ground.And it would be great to open the field up and take the pressure off the receivers...

Quite funny how this is the ONLY poster who gets it…this is NOT just Cobb… there are many factors in his success or failure… the line needs to open the holes for him, but hey if blaming one guys makes you feel better… more power to you!!

I don't think so just yet.His best games have ALWAYS come against BC.I want to see him string 2-3 good games together before i'm sold on him again.He had a good performance against T.O. this year and then stunk till now so yeah..
If he can do what he did tonight from now on, we're set.

23 carries, 151 yards.

It's time for DeAndra' to keep the rubber on the road. When he runs hard and the line can set the tone, it is mutually reinforcing.

"We were committed to running the ball," said coach Marcel Bellefeuille. "It didn't matter whether we won the football game, that's how much we were committed." (my emphasis)

Spockian eyebrow engaged, but I philosophically digress. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


shhhh this is the ticat forums..

I doubt Vince Lombardi would ever have said something like that.

Yes the OLine opened more holes, but Cobb also committed to them. I think Cuttino had as much to do with Cobb's performance than anything else. He had a good game but needs to show that consistently before proclaiming 'he's back'.

What impressed me last night is that we were able to run when everybody in the stadium new we were going to run the ball. After we took the lead and got the ball back, Cobb was able to get runs of about 7 and then 3 yards to get us a first down. That took some extra time off the clock and made it an easier field goal for Sandro.

NO KIDDING! That and the fact that our OC knew they had forgot the run. :roll:

Let's see...perhaps we should merge this thread with" DeAndre....Not Getting It Done" :roll: :lol:

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My G'awd...17 pages of Cobb-Bashing :roll:

8) I was just waiting for you to log in this morning, Woody. :lol:

2 carries in the first half vs Montreal, in what wasn't a blowout game by any means, was brutal. Why all the bashing for a guy who didn't even get the opportunity, I don't understand?

[quote="Tipper"]8) I was just waiting for you to log in this morning, Woody. :lol:[/quote

I kept saying..."let's see how we do over the next 2 games (Mont.and BC) and then revisit the thread". :wink: no takers :lol:

His play and the playcalling along with the play of the "O line" will be real points of interest when I watch the tapes.

Our "D" didn't surprise me in the least. :thup:

Woody, all the Cobb-bashers will have to admit (not that they all will, mind you) that you were right all along.

Just don't hold your breath ...