Dealing with the offseason

I have a stack knee high of old VHS tapes of Grey Cups. Many of which were from when the CBC replayed old ones a few years ago.
What do you guys do? Other than heavy drinking and denial of course.

Watch other sports.

During the CFL season, my main focus is on the Eskimos. Then when the season is over, I turn my main focus to the NFL, while following the Lakers in the NBA. Then after the Super Bowl, my main focus is on the Lakers and the Raptors (provided they haven't crapped out by this point :lol: ). I usually focus on the NHL, as well, but this year I feel myself becoming less and less interested in that league... and not just because the Oilers are in a dog fight with the Leafs to see who can win the fewest games. I just don't feel like it has any ties to Canada anymore. The whole Coyotes fiasco sort of soured me on the league.

So that's what I do during the off-season. When the NBA Finals are over, I usually start climbing the walls. :lol: Fortunately, the break never lasts more than 2-3 weeks.

I usually start working out again playing some pick-up hockey , so that when summer comes around I dont feel so bad sitting around in the sun eating BBQ and drinking lots of Beer.

Continue to watch the NFL (Go Eagles!), and more NBA (Go Magic!). But it is nothing like the CFL :frowning: . As well I suppose I pay some more attention to the English Premier League.

I watch a little NFL but don't get a chance to see my favorite team much (Tampa Bay) which is probably a good thing this season. Mostly though, I watch Canadiens' hockey. Looking forward to the Junior tournament and the Olympics in February. Go CANADA!

It's off to Hockey for me. Go Avalanche. I

f the Raptors are okay I may watch a few games, but last year I had to turn the tv off, as they have this habit of always choking in the third quarter.

I might watch a little Olympics, too. As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting tired of the NHL, so I might turn to the Olympics for my off-season sports needs. :smiley:

They were doing that a bit this season, but they're riding a two-game win streak right now. Watch out! :lol:

watch some hockey. some NFL. although my seahawks are already toast. i got some other teams i wathc as well. the giants, cards, and i follow some of the CFL players that went down. the gambling is terrible right now. the point spreads are so huge, its tough to take it.

I will watch a lot of espn classic canada cfl games. i also PVRed much of the season this year.

Some hockey, some raptors... World junoirs will cover chirstmass... and the rest of the time... WWE BABY!!!! just kidding.

Now that iTunes sells all the games from last season, I'll probably buy and watch a few over the winter. :cowboy:

I usually go into rehab until Christmas and work as a shopping Mall santa orientating kids to love the Roughriders early!

:roll: :wink:

im suprised they let you near children.

I usually spend the offseason in my coffin

I make a snow fort in my mind. I Have little interest in the NHL until next summer when the playoffs start. I have even less interest in the (yawn) NBA. The NFL will keep my interested until the end of January. I'll be watching the Olympics with great interest though.

Didn't know Santa drank Wild Turkey...