Deal with the Hammer for Glenn

...Sounds like its gonna get done fairly soon.....WHO?????? could the Bombers expect to get for Kevin....He is a starter ...and potential is still there for a decent season or two....Invaluable mentor for Porter and their other 'green' guys...Khari is also on their payroll now....working with Glenn and their other qbs. are a positive for them...I think the Cats might wait it out and see if we release Kevin and sign him ....However they run the risk (that's if they want him bad enough) of another team jumping in and driving his price-tag up....soooooo I think we will receive something worthwhile in the trade ....Who has any guesses or predicts???/ :roll:

Looks like a deal is in the works now with Hamilton, i don't see us getting much for Glenn maybe a pick or a back-up/special teams player, rumour still has Hamilton interested in Simpson as well and trade may include Printers (if he agrees to a pay cut), we'll see, it'll happen within the next week or so, i feel sooner than later, midweek probably as they are officially in discussion with the Hammer.

I think this deal will be a multi-player one that is aimed to benefit both teams.

I don't think Hamilton would want Simpson, though. Obie just signed Floyd to play MLB.

I say it will be Glenn and a receiver, offensive lineman or fullback to Hamilton for two of the following players (all of whom started games for Hamilton in 2008): Rontarius Robinson, Terry Caulley, or Tre Smith.

With Joe Smith and Fred Reid, why in the world would you want to obtain a running back or 2 from Hamilton????????

....if you look at some of the post on the cats' forum....all they are prepared to give us for Glenn is a bag of kicking tees and a picture of Moreno with the message...'please give him back'........I for one don't think Obie is too willing to part with any personnel worth much....especially after the Canada/Moreno fiasco....Sure he's not dealing with Taman ...BUT....he wants to come out of this latest deal/proposal smelling like a rose...or the claws will be out in Tiger-town.. :lol: :lol:

gl getting Terry Caulley, i cant see the cats re-signing lumsden, and keith did not look very good at all last year and Caulley has looked fantastic the last 2 years, we wanna hold on to him.

i guess robinson and smith could be a possibility.

I wouldn’t mind giving up Glenn, Kerry Johnson/casey mcgahee, and Tom Canada(if we re-sign willie evans that is) or Matt Sheridan for one of geoff tisdale or jykiene bradly, and george hudson or marwin hage…

i think that would benefit both clubs a lot

Hamilton will never deal again for Canada after his health ruined Obie's first attempt to trade for him.

Hamilton would have to get a quality starter back in addition to Glenn if any one of the other Ticats you mentioned are traded to Winnipeg. Johnson and McGahee won't cut it.

Hage could be dealt, because Hudson and Gagne-Marcoux are both capable of playing center. But Hage is a great locker room guy, so him being packaged in any potential deal is unlikely.

That's what they said about Dom Dorsey too. I wouldn't trade either Johnson or McGahee for any starter currently on the Hammer roster.

...i agree pigseye....What i've seen of McGahee he's a keeper.....lightning fast and good hands...Kerry Johnson is also too good to package.....the potential of this guy hasn't really even begun to be tapped....I think Sheridans rights ...could be packaged with Glenn....Matt has burned almost all of his bridges in the Peg....he still has game though and a non-import... :wink: