Deadmonton at Winterpeg PBP Thread

This is the first meeting of the first-place teams in each division. Quite the surprise, considering that last season they were aweful. I’m hoping that the Esks win, so that we might be within reach of the OTHER blew team…

True, Edmonton is "killer city" Canada.

Edmonton named homicide capital of Canada

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Looking at Edmonton’s line-up, I have no idea how they’re undefeated. Reggie McNeal and Chris Bauman starting at wideout, Jermaine Reid and Ted Laurent both starting on the defensive line. Also half of their team is made up of guys who I dont even know of.

Oh well, GO ESKIES!!

Go Eskies!!!!

Why do I think this game is gonna be a snoozer?. .all this hype... and I think Edm wins but it won't live up to the hype.... just sayin'

It might be a snoozer, unless Pierce gets hurt...

Dunnigan.. Pierce is the 2nd worst starter in the league... he runs what is probably the worst offense in the league.. settle


It's still Mostquitoville in MY books

Two words for you. Ricky. Ray.

HUGE catch and gain for Barnes!!

Did it look like Stamps was limping when he left the field after his catch? If so, it's probably not serous, but....

TD Barnes


With the pending convert… 7-0 good guys!!

Barnes 6, Bombers 0.

Slice and dice by Ray.

Plus 1 on convert.

I missed the first few plays, had to watch Brett Lawrie make his debut. Yet I still saw the two big plays to Barnes, that was quick!

Here comes that vaunted Bummer Offense!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

You missed a pass to Stamps and the first of three in a row to Barnes. A beauty.

Pierce is picked!!!!!!

Nice Pick.

I'd love to see Winnipeg get blown out tonight.

How many times tonight will Black remind us D Brown is not playing....

Messam gains the FD