Deadline trades

I'm not sure what your summary is supposed to imply. Are you suggesting the sum of the trades is actually a good return? Because to me it reads 2 veteran starters in exchange for a kicker with potential, a low 3rd rd pick that has a bit better than 50-50 chance of becoming a useful depth player, especially in an average draft year, and a neg list player who may never sign in the CFL. Bit of a tough sell I think. Moving Glenn I get as he's not really providing much more than they would get starting Smith, so why not give the young guy the reps to finish off the year. The Messam deal is harder to figure.

Good to see exciting/interesting moves made at the deadline.

Maybe the Messam trade was a form of Thank You and a reward for him. He's a good soldier who put up with a lot of ridiculousness this year, so they give him a legitimate shot at a Grey Cup.

Messam = problems in the locker room??? :cowboy: How many teams has he been on???