Deadline trades

Glenn to Montreal for a 5th.
Edem to Hamilton for a 6th.
Messam to Calgary for Crapigna.

First time in many years that we see something at the deadline :thup:

This is a head scratcher to me, a starting Cdn running back, second in the league in rushing, for an unknown kicker.

I get the Kevin Glenn trade for a draft pick, but apparently Messam wasn't in the Riders future.

Maybe O'Day is being mentored by Tillman :lol:

I’ve seen Capigna in three or four pre-season games. He kicked a 50 yard field goal in the final seconds of his first game to win for us! He’s gonna be pretty good (that’s why we have been protecting him most of the year) AND he’s a National!

Have to say I hate seeing Capigna go, but I’m happy to have Messam and Cornish as a one - two punch!


I have to wonder where this leaves Cornish and Walter. Cornish's salary is reportedly ~$160,000, and I can't see the Stamps keeping three N RBs. Maybe management thinks his injuries have caught up with him? Maybe Walter, after not being able to break through, is on the verge of retiring? Either way this trade is a steal for Calgary. What is O'Day thinking? He really got next to nothing for both his moves. Surprised by the Edem trade also, Montreal's not getting much in return, and Hamilton already has Butler in the DBackfield.

No kidding

Some links to Crapinga's "work" so far ... (First Game) (this season)


the ugly head of Taman strikes again?

Not even close, at least Taman was getting players that were close to being equal (Even though Emry went down).

Taman was more often than not the orchestrator of signing those big names. O'Day has given everything away.

Taman traded for has-beens and looks like O-Day is trading for never-has, both trading prime Canadian talent away.
Taman taught O-Day well trade something good for nothing.

Hopefully he lives up to his hype.
the best player on your team has never seen the field in regular game action.

And I've seen Crapigna kick 50+ yard field goals for Myers Riders in varsity ball prior to CIS, then broke records at McMaster. He's a very safe bet.

Hufnagel again proves to me he's the best gm in the league. Hung onto that kicker
until someone paid fair value for the asset.

Crapigna is a good kicker, and Huf knew it.

Welcome aboard Mr. Messam! :rockin:

Now I never said he was the best player on the team. I have been watching this kid and think he’s a bright future. Sorry to see him go. I think both teams got something out of this trade. Us in the short term and the Riders for the future (next year or even this year).


He should turn out to be a good kicker. Both teams get fresh players, one was on practise roster,
the other never got the ball.


Hate to see one of the few bright spots on our team go but all the best to you Jerome
Now you can enjoy that feeling when a real offensive coordinator can hopefully get you that rushing title that you justly deserve.

The only way the messam deal makes sense is if he was unrestricted after this season and had already informed the team of his desire to try the NFL or move on - then better to get what they can for him. Otherwise - horrible horrible deal for the riders

Crapinga may be a good kicker but he doesn't have the game experience for someone Taman would have traded for, especially not an established vet. If Taman's bringing in someone from another team, by trade or FA, it was going to be a vet more often than not. That's been his MO going back to his Bomber days.

McCallum isn't getting younger and Crapinga is a good prospect and comes at a lower cost, I get that part of it. Not sure how you come up with sending one of your most popular and productive players who can play every offensive down in exchange for a kicker who is involved in a handful of special teams plays. And worse, you ship hip to a division rival and give them a solid one two combo of Canadian RBs that can run in the open field and pound the ball. Messam is an upgrade over Walter and it'll be easier to give him snaps to help keep Cornish healthy as well.

The Edem trade is curious as well. Another National back up for the secondary, and a fresh start for Edem working with Steinhauer could re-ignite that potential he showed back in his first season. Considering the price Hamilton paid I find it hard not to believe there weren't or wouldn't have been other teams that would have been interested that weren't as big a rival as the Ticats.

Yea I'm so pissed off about this right now that I gotta log out before I hurt some ppl around here.


Saskatchewan trades Int. QB Kevin Glenn for Als fifth round choice in the 2016 CFL draft; then, they trade Nat. RB Jerome Messam and fifth pick obtained from Montreal, in the Glenn trade, to Calgary for Nat K Tyler Crapignan, Calgary's third round choice in the 2016 CFL draft and a player who was on Calgary negotiations list.

IN summary,they trade Glenn and Messam for Calgary's Nat. K Tyler Crapigna, Calgary's 3rd round choice in the 2016 CFL draft and the rights to a player who was on Calgary negotiations list.