What does the Argo offense, defense and special teams have in common with this Argo section? DEAD ZONE!!!!!!

Last tanking loss for the season today and then the yearly rebuild. Kiss the players goodbye that you got to know this year whether good or bad because they'll be gone next year. This is especially true if Bob 'Let them Bail Barker, "The Fat Vegetarian" is still around. Get ready for another season of soiling BMO field in 17 if Milo 'The Lump' is still coach.

A merciful end to another ugly season under Milanovich.

Well at least I had nice cold Amsterdam Down Town Brown in the fridge. One good thing to come out of Toronto.

It's bad enough watching the Good Ship Argonaut finally hit rock bottom but we had to listen to Black.

Still DEAD!


How much do you miss Argofans ? lol

To be honest I don't! I can read it but I don't miss it. So many sugar coating, rose coloured glasses wearing fans for my liking. A few more on here would be good though.

Ya, three or four blind cheerleaders that think they run the show on Argofans.

Instead of writing "dead zone" , try posting something of substance. If you have nothing to say, then thats because there's nothing to talk about at the moment, which is why its dead.
This team sucks and isn't very interesting, which is why there's not much to say. Just a big disappointment.

Perhaps someone high up in the Argonauts organization might be bored and hit this site and read The Dead Zone and make some news like talk about something, anything Argos.

We've lost momentum and continue losing it fast.

[url=] ... t-holders/[/url]

Toronto Argonauts president and CEO Michael Copeland hinted that changes could be coming to the team’s football operations staff in an email sent to season ticket holders on Monday.

“On the field, we fell far short of our objectives and our entire organization is extremely disappointed with our results…To that end, we are currently performing a comprehensive review of all aspects of our football operations,? Copeland writes. “This will be our number one off-season priority. However, we have not set a deadline to complete this review, or to implement the changes that will be necessary…We will establish a stronger foundation for on-field success not only in 2017, but in every year that follows.?

The move to BMO Field created a buzz to start the 2016 season in Toronto, but after the first game at the Argos’ new home field, which attracted 24,812 fans, attendance tailed off. That said, Copeland revealed that the franchise doubled their season ticket base and loyal Argos’ faithful will be rewarded.

“Prices will be kept at the 2016 levels, and we will offer you a much stronger bundle of season seat holder benefits – including merchandise discounts, a ticket exchange program, a fan gift, and the return of Argos Fan Day (bigger and better than ever).

Low attendance could’ve been due to the fact that a number of games were on weekday nights.

“We also expect that our 2017 game schedule will be significantly improved, based on feedback received from you,? Copeland pens.

2016 ticket prices were too high to begin with, so keeping them at the same price will guarantee more failure.

Argos tickets should not be more expensive than blue jays playoff tickets or tigercats playoff tickets.

Copeland is clueless. I have no hope for the argos.
I’m sitting 2017 out.

I just talked to my buddy tonight who's pretty pissed at his Grey Cup tickets now being $49 bucks. He also was talking about how Copeland is clued out. The Argonauts and CFL should be treated more blue collar in my books and not trying to pander to the Bay St crowd. There might be a few fans to be had there but most of that crowd are sucked into the marketing of the NFL.

By the way why drummer_ god? Are you in a band? If so what type of music?

It’s not that bad. I think the Owner has done a pretty good job overall, and I couldn’t stand when TBone owned it.

Difference of opinion will always occur. The problem was that argoholic would complain 90% of the time, then when others would complain he’d complain about the complaining lol. From time to time, he would also make threads that he thought were “funny”, but clearly were made to stir the pot.

TFC mole.

:lol: argoholic and Argonauts est.1873 are one and the same. Are you still out there 1argoholic or been banned again? :P

I’m aware. It only took his first post here to figure out who he was lol. Clearly he misses Argofans though.

Hell NO! I don't miss Argo fans. I can still read the bs though.

I'm sure a banning from here will be in my future. haha.

Thanks to the Argonauts management there is still ZERO Friggin news about how this Crap team heads forward. I guess avoidance is their best policy. Looks like Barker, Milo and the rest of the Good Ship Argonaut sinkers will be back to totally finish off this team in 2017. Why don't they just sink further out of the sight of Toronto sports fans. What a sh!t show!!!!