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We'll see. A drunk driving charge doesn't mean he's a terrible person with a bad character or attitude. It just means he made a mistake. Let the offense be punished by the law. No need to try a person again in the court of public opinion.

Is there any chance he could lose the ability to work in Canada? I know if you have a criminal record it becomes difficult to cross borders...where does this fall?

I don't believe a DUI prevents you from the crossing the border, Edmonton Oilers Goalie had one last year I believe, and he still got to cross the border at will. I think he may get hassled while crossing the border, but I do not believe it will prevent him from doing it. I'm not sure if they need a working visa, and I'm not sure if that may be a problem, but again, I do not think it will be.

As far as I know, a DUI is not a criminal offense.

DUI is generally not an indictable offense in Canada, unless it results in serious injury or is a really outlandish offense. It is a bit different state side. It is highly unlikely this would impose restrictions crossing into Canada. If it were the other way around it is another story.


O'Day also talked about the club's upcoming mini-camp in Regina, and that defensive end Odell Willis won't be involved as he faces a DUI charge in the US.

"Odell won't be here," O'Day explained. "Obviously that's a situation that's very disappointing.

DUI conviction is a criminal code violation and is therefore subject to inadmissability status for entry into Canada. Yes, whether it was the equivalent of a summary or indictable offence might make it easier or more difficult to get the person admitted, but DUI alone can be enough to cause problems at the border as many unassuming US visitors have found out.

It is not difficult to cross the border into Canada with 1 summary offense, especially if it is for work, especially if you get your paperwork in in advance

I've dealt with it in the past

Remember with Bob Probert's DUI conviction, he could enter Canada, but as a US citizen, he could not be guaranteed re-entry into the United States. It took him 2 or 3 years to get assurance to reenter the US, and so for a time he did not play any road games in Canada.

You never know what US Immigration will do. They do whatever they want, whenever they want. They don't give two s**ts about anyone.

Odell has said on Twitter he will be at Training Camp..

so end of story.

Well, lets just hope that he wasn't high when he posted it...

According to Jamie Nye's Twitter, the DUI was for drugs.

Yeah, drugs might hamper his border crossing ability rather quickly

It wasn't drugs, the report said drugs, but alcohol is considered a drug. He blew over .08 I guess.

My understanding is that if it was drugs he'd only really find out once he actually attempts to cross the border and the custom agent makes the call. That may also apply when he tries to cross back. Custom agents have alot of discretion.

US Immigration can not keep a US citizen out of his own country no matter what the offence. One DUI is enough to bar you access from Canada for a certain number of years. You can apply for special authorization to enter Canada if he can get the proper paperwork.

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Odell Willis arrives at the Roughriders Training Camp; good news..