DE-Rahim Abdullah #53 Available!?

sign him, who cares about what midget maccocia thinks, maccocia has been a head coach for less than 5 seasons, and he thinks he is on the same level as don matthews and wally buono, the midget man is in over his head, ill take abdullah any day, the guy is a baller and plays the passrush to perfection. he is a good 2nd down pass rush specialist.

8) If you even remember, Abdullah was a free agent this past off season, and nobody even bothered to sign him including the TiCats !!! The Eskimos reluctantly resigned him because they couldn't find anyone else at the time. Read some of the comments about him from his own coach, and you then just might realize that he is trouble !! Abdullah has a lot more negatives than positives as a player !!!

You say we need more solid leadership !!! From a guy like Abdullah, you must be joking !!!

WAKE UP buddy !!!! :roll:

Buddy is it a fluke that he has 5 sacks this season already, tied for fifth in the League! Lets hire some more UNPROVEN CFL rookies to help our team why don't you wake up BUD!

:roll: thats 5 SACKS "STATS lie I guess"
8) Yeah, I am awake, you obviously aren't !!! You didn't even bother to read the comments about Abdullah from his own coach !!!! He would cause more problems on this team than you could imagine, and I don't care if he has 20 sacks, I wouldn't touch him !!! :roll:

Bag him ... Jackson is way too small to be a factor.

It doesn't matter if we had Montford and Covington in their prime on this team, if the secondary can't hold their coverage for more than 2 seconds (which they clearly have shown they can't) then it doesn't matter at all who's rushing the QB.

So which is it...the dbs look bad because there is no pressure..or the dline looks bad because of no coverage?

IMO, mostly the d-line pressure looks bad because of poor coverage.

yeah all we need on this team is another undisciplined, selfish player in our locker room.

Maybe Rahim is getting the picture that it is, in fact a team game...but its a little late in the day for such realization to be dawning...

We need another undisciplined player like we need another hole in Casey Printer;s head!

Lots of big strong and fast DE's coming available from NFL cuts, this shouldn't be a big decision from Marcel...

One that would be more important to him will be what does he do about a Defensive Coordinator that cannot call in the plays to his All Star, if not just Rookie of the Year MLB, that the Defence disintegrates to a shouting match on camera?

We have a secondary tat is, in the best case "floundering" and the hated Blue team is arrogantly (but accurately!) saying "just throw against them" (short, deep, wide, it doesn't seem to matter, but if the DC cannot call the play and doesn't permit the MLB to do so, its hardly surprising that our ever reversable D Backfield is the worst "burn patients" ....

Here's a "concept"...either take the mitts off Helen Keller (aka Mr McNeil) or hold the Head Coach "accountable" for retaining him...Mr Taaffe "intended" to hire Mr Ruste as DC, and HKeller was a second choice...perhaps its time to recognise "mistakes" and start correcting them? These defensive guys work like hell to get it done, but if the plays aren't called in and the coaching declines the on field guys the authority to call the coverage themselves, the its plainly a case of "Houston, we have a problem"!

Mr Taaffe should be aware of this perception by the fan base, and be prepared to act on it...

Anyways, CP may be a boatload of ego to take into a locker room at this point, and the last thing we'd need is an undisciplined wild card with an ego of his own, that another losing team has found it necessary to reject and eject...

My thoughts only, and the phone is not ringing to bring me in for further consultation!


This might explain why he isn't being picked up...

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"That's what hurts the most. I am not selfish. I play for the team." Not anymore. With the plane ticket home, the Eskimos have slammed Abdullah into career limbo. As a six-year CFL veteran, he is entitled to his salary for the rest of the year. But the team refuses to release him outright so he can sign with another club.

the esks are dumb, they are putting him on a ‘paid-leave’, they are afraid of cutting him and having come back to haunt them, but the thing is, he will get picked up in the offseason anyways. They need to clean house there and get don matthews and get it over with.

Never one to defend any other team...but their move makes complete sense and you dont.

Edmonton has apparently out-right released him as of late Wednesday night. He's free to sign with any team.
And on another note, the B.C. Lions have released former Ticat back-up QB Ben Sankey now that Pierce is apparently good to go.