DE-Rahim Abdullah #53 Available!?

This top DE has been sent packing by Edmonton, would he be a good pickup for us? as pressure on opposing QB’s has been off and on all season.

8) I recall he took a bad penalty in their last game which probably did not endear him to the coaching staff !!! At this point, their are lots of better NFL cuts available. Marcel already said yesterday that several new players are enroute to Hamilton now, of which I am sure some are big quick linemen !!!!

Hey #53 Rahim is a PROVEN CFL RUSH END enough BS we were "well under the cap" all season up until the printers signing! look at our record buddy with all our cheap $ rookies.

Sign this guy #53 and #9 would be two great bookends wouldn't they? we need more solid leadership experienced CFL "MEN " on this team WAKE UP ...... :roll:

He played great against the Cats!

This is one "sign him" thread I can sign onto... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

me thinks it would be a good pick up...get him!!...

sign him!

Abdullah will get pressure on the QB GUARANTEED. NFL cuts (like West and Gause, who are both cut now) are not guaranteed to get pressure on the QB.

Sign him now, and McKay will get at least two sacks per game for the rest of the season, guaranteed. Plus, if the D suddenly becomes more successful at getting to the QB, and will therefore not be on the field as much, Lawrence Gordon may stop being tired to the point where his coverage makes Andre Talbot look like Jerry Rice.

Seriously, a proven DE to compliment McKay is an obvious pressing need. Sign Abdullah and that is one less need we have to address for next year.

We need another DE Bring him in for a Look.

definatley a good choice. pick him up marcel!

:thup: #53 and #9 :wink:

We had Good luck with guys using #53

lets keep the luck goin! get him before next game.

Bring him in! As much as everyone wants to blame the secondary for poor coverage I think some of the blame needs to go to the D-Line. Simply put they are not getting any pressure on the opponents QB therefore putting more pressure on the the DB's. I think you bring him in and pair him up with McKay and hope that we are able to get off the field on 2nd down.

From the eskie fan site:

The Eskimos have sent rush end Rahim Abdullah home to Florida and told him not to come back to Commonwealth Stadium after he jammed his knee on the throat of a Calgary Stampeder in the Labour Day rematch
The ensuring 15-yard penalty helped the Stampeders punch the ball into the end zone on the first series of the third quarter.
Abdullah, 31, is the Eskimos' leading pass rusher with five sacks. He's also one of the loudest players in the dressing room.
"He's loud," said head coach Danny Maciocia. "But he's not a leader."
On Saturday, Abdullah apologized for the penalty but said that alone wasn't responsible for the 20-17 loss to Calgary.
"There were a lot of things that contributed to it," he said. "I was wrong. It was dumb. But Rahim Abdullah isn't a selfish player."

Their thread makes pretty interesting reading...

he got sent home with pay! key words 'with' & 'pay'

Next season maybe, he'll be happy collecting a paycheck without risking injury.

Sent home with pay???thats a new one? whats up with that?

6 yr CFL veteran post-September 1 = guaranteed contract $$

Guranteed after september 1st. so basically Edmonton managment had no hand in this, they thought the team would be better without him so they ate his salary.

If Rahim Abdullah is not available, maybe the Ticats could consider taking a look at converting a linebacker named Rich Scanlon to the defensive end position. Scanlon (6' 2", 249 lbs, 26 years of age), was released by the Kansas City Chiefs on the same day that Casey Printers was released. He is quick (4.65 speed) and has good professional experience in the NFL and NFL Europe. If he could be converted to defensive end, he would give the Ticat defence the flexibility to play a 4-3 or 3-4 defence without having to change on-field personnel between plays. He is also an excellent special teams player.

Although his bio states that Scanlon missed part of the 2006 season with knee and neck injuries, he played in all four of the Chiefs' pre-season games in 2007 and had 12 tackles.