DE possibilities in BC???

Do you think the rookie DE out of Alabama- Nautyn McKay-Loescher has a chance to start over Brent Johnson or Mawuko Tugbenyoh???

Johnson is Canadian so he definately will play and he has the talent to do a great job
Tugbenyoh is improving also and with a full year under his belt will be even better this year

Johnson is an all-star whose career is on the upswing. Tugbenyoh flatlined last year after midseason. He can still be challenged for a starting job. McKay-Loescher should have no trouble cracking the roster as a backup since the Lions traded their two other Canadian linemen, Cam Legault and Marc Pilon, to Ottawa.

I have to say Nautyn McKay-Loescher will take Tugbenyoh’s spot on the line. I am a Crimson Tide fan and I followed him for four years and seen first hand what he has done to some of the best offensive lines in the nation- Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia etc…- I think he was a steal at 13th overall, and if it wasn’t for a hamstring injury he would be giving offensive lines in the NFL problems. I think Nautyn will start this yr. and since he is Canadian it will give the lions an oppourtunity to recruit another american import.

I agree…Johnson is in there quite solidly. Question…Is NAutyn Mackay Loescher a pass rusher? Thats what BC really needs!

Yes, Nautyn McKay-Loescher is a pass rusher and a good one at that. He will definitely be a presence coming off either side of the line.