DE - JA - VU

Karma's a female dog. :lol:

....the east has to close the gap in talent.....coaching wise and player wise....this is becoming a joke.. :thdn:

It's been that way for 30 years.

The west knows better than to pin your hopes on the likes of Bishop & Glenn.

Not signing Printers looks like it will haunt Kelly now.

Printers would have had less impact in WPG than he has had in BC for a couple of reasons. Wally knows Printers and what off. schemes he would be comfortable in. Our offence was a mess all year and it would be Hamilton all over again for Printers.

when printers was in hamilton that team was a mess, they are much better now and i bet Printers would do very well... also printers said something along the lines of not being comfortable in there ball control offence

i think printers would have done alright here personally... i think he would have fit in this system better than MB