DE IN BC?????

Do you think the BC Lions made a smart decision releasing Mawuko Tugbenyoh? If so how do you think Nautyn McKay-Loescher will fare starting on the line on the opposite side of brent Johnson???

I don’t think that was a smart move on Buonos part. He had a great rookie year with 6 sacks (2nd on the team), 2 fumble recoveries… 1 of those he took 50 yards the other way for a TD (1 of only 4 defensive TD’s the team had).

I also think trading DB - Da’Shann Austin for futures wasn’t a bright move either. Austin had a good year as well, with 44 tackles…4 of those behind the LOS…and 7 more on special teams. He also had 6 knock downs and a forced fumble.

It’s a little messed up…last year we had problems in other areas of our defence…he starts to address them, then goes and possibly creates problems in other areas…makes no sense to me.

Although only time will tell what effect if any these changes will have…i just don’t like the looks of it at this point.

Also…whats this news i hear that they are going to get rid of Frank Cutolo? that would be even worse than letting Tugbenyoh and Austin go. Frank had the highest TD/catch ratio on the team (3rd in the league) and was 2nd on the team in TD’s. I really hope they keep him around.

I am just learning about the BC Lions, other positions but I Know Nautyn will be a good addition to the DL. He has a very quick first step and a non stop motor he will definitley get some double team attention and will have a few sacks along with plenty QB hurries. I am going to become more of a BC fan this yr but I do think they should have maybe traded Tugbenyoh instead of releasing him for nothing…but we will wait and see how this turns out, but do not doubt Nautyn McKay-Loescher he is a big game player I followed him throughout his college career.

A weak pass rush , possibly the weakest in the league called for changes. If not Tugbenyoh who should have been replaced?? The guy did nothing for the last half of the season. Williams and Johnson are both great players , that leaves only two others.