DDs LeaderPost quote. A team this is not !!!

I don't get into that,'' said Riders quarterback Darian Durant, who completed 31 of 44 passes for 384 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception. "We're wishing for the stars and hoping that we get some of our targets back. If not, we have to keep playing.''

Way to throw your receivers under the bus Durant. Man up, take some responsibility for yourself. Quit pouting over Fantuz and get your head back in the game.

Why is it that when Edmonton looses a couple games it is understandable because they lost 3 starting recievers. The Riders lost Fantuz, Bagg and Kock this season. on top of that the Riders lost a 4th in Wheelwright, who looked like he was fitting well. Should the Riders still have continuity when this happens, but not the Esks?

It does take time to get on the same page with eachother. When you go down one primary receiver it is tough, but you can slowly get someone into the system, and it does not hurt as much. 3 is something else all together. You are basically starting from scratch...just ask the Esks.

Nunn has not panned out well, and that is putting too much on Dressler and Getz. Hill has been fitting in really nice since they moved him inside, and that seems to be helping a lot. Having 1 or 2 of the first 3 receivers back would help this offense dramatically!

Quite frankly, if receivers are dropping balls all over the place (and they are), I don't see a problem with his comments at all.

I agree with jm02. The Riders just don't have the horses at receiver right now. If Fantuz returns, everything changes.

If the Riders had a smothering defense like Winnipeg, it would mask a lot of offensive problems. Unfortunately, at the moment, all units are exposed.

Good point. Much like Last season, the Stamps had an amazing D, that made thier O look like rockstars (not that their O was bad, just not as good as it looked). Your O also plays a lot looser / better when you have confidence in the D if you falter.

Agreed. Let's say you go two and out, and have full confidence that you'll get the ball back in a few plays. Way different from going two and out and knowing your D will probably give up a major after a long drive that keeps you cold on the bench.You can also not worry about being a bit cold early in a game if your D is strong enough to keep the other team in check and even score points themselves through pick-sixes, etc.

I've heard Durant take responsibility and blame a number of times. I don't think he is trying to dodge responsibility here at all. The way I read it, he is trying to hold his teammates accountable, just as he holds himself accountable.

That's called leadership.

I don't think DD is throwing his receivers under the bus, but he is frustrated because he is a competitor and he wants to win. His body language coming off the field with his head down or tilted tells me he is frustrated because he is frustrated at not making enough things happen. I think there is a definite disconnect between him and Coach Berry, and that is a problem. Maybe it's more a matter of too many changes too quickly with players cut, injured, retiring or leaving and new coaching taking hold at the same time. But as Kent Austin would say, "skip the excuses--it's time to start playing like we can"(not an exact quote, but you get the idea). I stand by my contention that a different OC and the right quarterback coach would make a big difference for DD and this offence. Wow, I just heard on radio that Marshall and Berry have both been released and Miller is taking over as HC.

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Here is another DD Leader-Post article.

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I sounds like the DB thing was really wearing on him.

Yep, that was quite the article. DD has commented on Berry and Marshall now. He didnt seem to agree with Berrys play calling and there was obviously issues with Marsall in the lockerroom. He sounds so happy to see Miller back. I hope Berry and Marshall dont read the articles. :oops: