DD out with concussion


This is not much of a surprise. I did not think he should have played the last game after he went down the week before.

I have to wonder if he should ever come back with the amount of hits to the head he has taken!

It is surprising that he was cleared for Sask but unless you are close you really don't know.

I'd like to see Dave Dickenson heal up properly and definitely he has some game left in him still. He is not done playing.

At the same time it is nice to see Buck Pierce who I believe is at the forefront of the next wave of CFL starters. Buck Pierce is a special player who will challenge the success of Dickenson and Dunigan and other top CFL QBs of the present and past.

No surprise after his play last week. It was obvious he was concussed when he took that hit two weeks ago. Buck should have started last week in Regina.

I still think DD has some game left in him too but, if he suffers another concussion, he might want to think about hanging up the cleats.

Let's hope Buck has an awesome game against the Ti-Cats today!

I am glad to see DD sit this one out if he isn't 100%. Hamilton has been coming along of late, but I know Buck can handle the load. We need DD to be healthy so he can lead us to a grey cup victory.

It seems that DD thought last week that he a touch of illness that his wife and daughter both had so it might have masked until the game was on, his concussion symptoms which according to doctors can come and go from time to time and stress and an air flight can apparently add to that.