DD is not a pocket passer

Why does he think he is a pocket passer. Why doesn't he either move the pocket or run with his legs?

Why within 30 yds of the end zone does he always have to throw for the long ball?

Finally refereeing has become such a joke in this league, it is really hard to watch games when then are so many nit picky penalties called. Higgins group is an embarrassment o all sport.

Pocket passing is the norn so to speak; on the other hand Durant leads on rushing % yards over any one QB that's close.
Against Argos he'll run more unless he is still nagged by his hip problem.

Maybe last year I would’ve agreed with you starbuck but you look after that @Montreal game when we went on our 3 game winning streak vs Stamps vs Lions @ Toronto Durant was still very much a pocket passer in those games due to his tender hip. In that stretch Durant had 6 TDs to 1 INT ratio. Not bad for not being able to run a whole lot. I’ll agree that he’s better when hes rolling out and thorwing passes but he’s at least capable of being a pocket passer.

Durant est capable d'être un passeur en protection, mais ce n'est pas là son jeu naturel. Durant est plus efficace lorsqu'il se met aussi en mouvement. Le risque est cependant de forcer le jeu et de commettre des interceptions.

Cela dit, peut-être que Durant sent qu'il ne pourra éternellement s'exposer aux coups? Il voit certainement ce qui arrive à Pierce et doit se dire qu'il ne veut pas passer par là. Il voit aussi Calvillo, Joseph et Burris, qui ont su allonger leur carrière en sachant éviter de se faire trop frapper. Peut-être qu'il voit dans le fait d'être un passeur en protection une façon d'assurer le reste de sa carrière.

Il a certainement le talent pour y arriver.

I just don't want him to stop running the ball. He seems to want to become strictly a pocket passer.

Durant is a QB that needs to run.. He plays his best when he utilizes the run game to open up passing lanes.. Now is this his fault or is it the coordinator. I believe the blames lies with all of them.. Actually IMO I blame Doug Berry! Berry got it stuck in Durant's head that he should be a pocket passer..

However now the blame lies in all of their laps. Dyce should be calling more bootlegs and roll out plays as well as called runs, Jones should be telling Durant to use his legs, and Durant should be using his legs when he get the opportunities!

I've been impressed with his pocket game for about 8 weeks, but still want to see him run a couple times per half to keep LBs honest.

I agree DD is not a pocket passer, infact, and this will lead to disagreement here, not sure if he is even a passer, sorry guys been sayin this for 4 years now, we will never win a Greycup with DD at the helm. And Drew is a few years away from steppin in, we need a solid QB!! Period!!!

Not sticking up for DD but that Canadian offense line that Taman spent a bunch of money to me is making things difficult for DD to set up an throw a ball. 3 man d rush and they get pressure on DD and that was the last weeks in a row.

Agreed, but he does not run and even with time, these short yardage throws must end, and Dice needs to go also!

DD still gets too locked in on his reads, and has trouble picking up open receivers (i.e. Sheets wide open on the 5 yard line when the Riders could have turned the game around). Maybe he'll get better with this but time is ticking away.
Not much of an offensive game plan today, on top of all the execution miscues and weak OL play.

I'm really starting to question how good DD is as a QB.

How is it possible that he continues to NOT go thru his reads? If he isn't doing it now, he never will. I think he locks in because he is so short. This game should have been won today. Once again in the red zone and poor execution.

Next year we need an open competition for QB and if we get a chance at Rielly, I say take it.

If you can throw on the run, you can throw when your standing still.

Although it'd be pretty cool to get Rielly I don't see managment taking a shot at him. Especially after we resigned Durant BEFORE the season through 2014 I think it was (or was it 2013?) anyways I think Willy can be our future he has the mechanics just needs to adjust to the game. He'll have a good shot at proving himself vs a good BC Lions Defense. I see Edmonton or Winnipeg taking a shot at Rielly in the end.

You guys are forgetting about the dreaded expansion draft for Ottawa. I doubt Rielly will be around for anyone to pick up after that.

You guys are forgetting about the dreaded expansion draft for Ottawa. I doubt Rielly will be around for anyone to pick up after that.
will Wally give him up in the expansion draft or move him before the trade deadline to get a player(s) for him ?
im shure that Wally will not let him go for nothing ?

Rielly is a free agent THIS offseason, he'll be under contract by another team before Ottawa even has a chance to get their hands on him.

I'm thinking Edmo or Wpg are first in line for a (good) QB signing...just sayin :expressionless:

Well I hope DD is on his horse this weekend and rushes for at least 70 yards. That will be a huge adjustment for Calgary.

DD has to learn that it is not how we win that people will remember, it's that we won. History will look at the number of wins and GCs he has.