DD in the pressure cooker


Very interesting comments by Miller.

Great plan having a competent backup step in for the starter, If that starter is under pressure

I find it interesting that Miller assumes DD will be in a "pressure cooker" and not moving the Offense, racking up yards and TD's....lol

You know, this is very very interesting. IMO I think this is starting to explain what is happening in Rider Nation. We are lacking leadship at the Coach level. These statements by Miller is as wishy-washy as I have ever heard. Let me try and break it down. Going against a very tough team, he wants to pull the already confidence-lacking starter and put Jyles in to get reps like this was some pre-season game. Basically adding, we don't want too much pressure on Durant. Does pro-QB's not operate best under pressure? Does this mean in a playoff game or GC game, Jyles would get to start because it's WAY too much pressure for Durant? (Toungue in cheek) If Durant can't handle pressure or the Coach is afraid of throwing Durant into a pressure situtaion, then we have finally proved we have either the wrong QB, or the wrong coach. IMO it's both.

The best statement that makes Miller sound like he's been in the sauce is the statement regarding Fantuz. He is saying that Fantuz's likelyhood of playing against Calgary is between doubtful and probable? That's like me saying the likelyhood of getting a date with Megan Fox as between doubtful and probable. Why not say that he's just not sure yet?

Then this! Quote: "So does this leave the door open for another quarterback carousel for the Saskatchewan Roughriders like Kent Austin/Tom Burgess from 1989 or maybe even what happened last year?

"Well, I would rather not get into a situation like that but there is a possibility it could happen down the road," was coach Miller's response."

Please Coach, unless your trying to show mystique in your ways, just answer questions from now on: "Maybe, Maybe not", because showing mystique only makes you look like a Columbo like bumbling fool.

Am I alone in my estimations?

I actually empathise with DD.

4 QB's behind him
3 of which are highly touted in the eyes of ET

It is SO obvious DD wants to succeed and lead this team to victories. He is a professional after all.
But even I notice DD is losing confidence in himself .
He's become hesitant on passes
indecisive on boot leg
Now throws into the turf,usually a sign of being tense

LaPolice is to blame.
LaPolice does not know how to mold an Offense around the QB.
LaPolice insists on molding the QB around the offense, and it ain't working,

I agree about having empathy for DD. The guy has started in what- 10 CFL games, and is 8-2 in those games, over 2 seasons. DD is, IMO, still a rookie- the coach is not showing any confidence in him, so how is DD supposed to have any? Usually the back-up is the most popular guy with the fans on a football team, with the exception of the Riders. Most don't think, and quite rightly so, that Jyles can do the job if Durant falters.
KM has to realize that he needs to say 'Durant is my starter' and only pull him if he is having a bad game, or gets injured. The coaches have to clue into the fact that Durant is going to have and up and down year. The only way Durant is going to get better is to play-- not to be replaced for a couple of series here and there during a game. C'mon Miller show some confidence in your starter!

Nice to know that Miller is already expecting Durant to have a poor start to the game. I'm sure that's going to be great for his confidence.

I think that millar has got it right. you guys can be so hard on him Millar likes to joke around and your taking it out of context. I se no problem with jyles coming in and getting warmed up take a few reps because if he ends up in a 3rd and inches situation we all know jyles will be in why not have him warmed up and in time with the offence, also this gives durant a chance to chill and get a look from a different angle catch his breath and regroup, this obviously wont happen if durant is on fire and throwing like a champ.

All I can say is YIKES!!!!!!!
I know some fans are always clamouring for exactly this scenario. And a few coaches have tried it. And in every single instance I can think of, it has been somewhere between ineffective and disastrous. QBs need to be allowed to make mistakes. And they need to be allowed to find their rhythm. This plan defeats both those necessary ingredients. I thought Ken had been doing a far better job of managing the QBs this year, but this plan just boggles the mind. If they want to treat this like an exhibition game fine. Even then this scenario would be suspect. If they do not have confidence in DD, then start Jyles and get over it all ready.

Would it be easier for Durant if Tillman brought in guys who weren't any good? Jyles played decent last year and it sounded like he played pretty decent in preseason this year. How do we know how good or bad he is if he never plays. I don't know if Bell or Harrell are good young qbs or more of empty qb promises like we've seen for 15 years. But what's wrong with playing them if the Riders don't get better on offence?

kick it off , I'm a big fan of letting the starter watch from the sidelines for a series or 2 if the situation dictates.

This article suggests if DD falters, Why does LaPolice get the reprieve.

The EE lose was not DDs solely. Remember the very nice 103 yard 10 play for a major. DD Hitting Bagg on 3 or 4 wide and short side timing plays, it was a thing of beauty......... I think if DD gets the hook it'll be for the wrong reasons.

Bringing in 3 big name QB prospects is what it is. It's saying we think DD is NOT the future of this team.

Don't start yanking the QBs chain for lack of coaching

Can't argue deflated. It's hard to tell who is good and who isn't. I watched receivers like Jones look great when I watched the Riders practice at training camp. Same with Quinn. Have they gotten bad or is it something else? I can't argue with what you said.

Coach Miller,

go with the ebb and flow and coach accordingly....Saturday isn't a practice session.

This is nothing more than Miller trying to be sly while he gets the QB Carousel happening again! I wonder if Tillman is beginning to think that he might have made a huge mistake?

I agree and LaPolice does not impress me.

"I feel like I'm getting better every week. I feel like I'm seeing a lot more, I'm understanding what we're trying to do as an offense and what the (opposing) defense is trying to do so every week for me has been better."

The above quote is from DD.
DD is feeling better about his play.
He is able to recognize that difference from weeks 1-4.
That is why he was kept in as long as possible during the two losses.

A QB has to be able to see the game from a winning and a losing perspective.
He's feeling better about himself & his abilities because he's getting the chance to experience these situations.
It seems to me that Miller's plan to include Jyles is part of DD's learning experience.
Miller said, he will put in Jyles "so Durant has . . . an opportunity to see what's going on."

Durant is still a young QB and there needs to be room to learn.
I think Miller is coaching well in this situation.

Everybody just needs to breathe in . . . and breathe out . . . breathe in . . . and breathe out.
(That really works y'know)

See . . . told you everything would be fine.

Just breathe.

holy crap i dont think i took one breath for the last 2 min of the game jesus my heart stopped once or twice time to lay off the perogie lol

Honestly, I was doing push-ups, jumpin' jacks and squats!!!

I feel it is my way of staying determined and pulling my weight.


thats a good idea i was wearing my rider ring which weighs a good 5lbs lol and my fair share of jumping