DD, Baggs, and Rey- POTW Honors

About time for a Rider landslide!

I agree, nice to see Baggs back in form, This was a team effort as a whole, can we improve, I am sure we can, just loving every game, and can’t wait for the next game!! Congrats to DD, RW, RB well deserved!!

Awesome to see Rob Bagg back. I am really pleased with the organization for sticking by him throughout his injuries.

Great to see Bagg recognized...but better yet, glad that Durant got the recognition...should be a good confidence boost for him!

Well deserved for the three Riders.

Agree with everyone here. Well deserved. Well earned. I would like to give an honorable mention to Danny Clark - way to go guy! :smiley:

Every player & coach deserves kudos 4 going the extra mile.