DD as a pocket passer

So having watched DD over the last couple of years, we've all seen him stick in the pocket when he could have run. My hunch is that he knows that he'll always have that to fall back on BUT he wants to be a pocket passer similar to Calvillo. It's hard to argue with when you see that Calvillo has 18 years in the league. Even Burass is keeping to the pocket more so now and he has 13 years in the league.

DD is more effective rollin' to the side and running but I feel he wants to be a pocket passer, keep the injuries down. Should have a long career which is good for us.

Not to be selfish as a fan or anything but if we doesn't improve his Pocket Passing compared to him rolling out, we can either get 10 mediocer - above average play or 7-6 Really good-Stellar performance, By the way I haven't watched all of everysingle game but in the one game we've won this season Durant Rushed many times, for big yardage, for him to stay in the pocket makes him to predictable and thats why he got picked off 6 times in 2 games, when he didnt throw a pick vs Montreal he was alwways keeping Montreal Defenders gussing hense no picks (our solid running game helped too) look at what Zabransky and McPherson have done to us (last season) and this season! we left Watkins in the back of the endzone cause we didnt know wheather to tackle the QB or cover the man, Durant could do the EXACT same and it would cost Defense across the leauge big time...

The reason guys like AC are effective pocket passers is good reads and jock releases. You have to be willing to pass short 85% of the time and use timing routes. The riders call nothing near that.

He has to be willing to take off every now and then to keep the defense honest, and Berry should also realize this and work it into the game plan a bit. He has had success simply sitting in the pocket in the past, I recall him lighting up the Calgary D at home last year when they were blitzing like crazy and playing man to man.

It took Calvillo a while to be come comfortable or effective in the pocket. I see this too for DD if he decides to play that style.