Are we going to have to wait for the eskimo and argo to name there head coach before we can name our Dc and if richie hall is named to either of those postion where do we go then

My Guess would be yes where waiting for Hall.
if he dose get one of those jobs
Look for Former DC of the Bombers Greg Marshall or BC's Mike Benevides
90 to 1 Long shot Rich Stubler.

When was the last time a General Manager let a Defensive Co-ordinator
make a lateral move to accept a D.C. position with another CFL team?

Wally sure ain't gonna do it with a young guy like Benevides
who Wally helped develop to reach the D.C job one year ago.

click here

He may be a Toronto boy but he lives with
his wife and family year-round in B.C., too.

I doubt Richie will come here but Eric Tillman may let him
out of respect for his many years as a Saskatchewan Rough Rider.

IMO, Eric Tillman will re-sign Richie as soon as the Argo
Head Coaching job is filled. [which may not be until February.]

hello, on the DC front, i wouldn't be surprised if the musical chairs results in richie in t.o., kavis reed in sask with his former gm with the gades-who likes him so much that he asked rita for permission to talk to reed about the sask HC before he hired miller, benevides still in b.c., leaving yet another greg marshall to run the steeltown D with his former coaching buddy from sask marcel.make sense?

just my thoughts. and with marshall comes jerome haywood and anyone else who is free on the wpg D., not to mention current cats d-line coach kropke out of a job because marshall will bring buddy richard harris to coach the d-line.is that enough coaching experience for the fans?

city legend

Like your thought process friend but I don't recall Greg Marshall ever coaching in Saskatchewan.

"The Argos' timeline to find a replacement for Don Matthews, who retired after joining the team in mid-season, is late January or early February. The job now, Rita said, is to present a short list of three to five top candidates to the Argo management team – consisting of Rita, owners David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski and president Michael (Pinball) Clemons.
Rita said the initial search process is "90 per cent completed," with a handful of prospects still to be interviewed.


Well be waiting long Time for Ritchie if that the Case.
I say pay him Just under what will Marcel is making and offer him Ast Head Coach Tab
Get him signed now let now wait for Argos to make up there minds.

Wow, nice one; any thoughts on the Edmonton situation?

regarding the esks situation-i think its one of two scenarios that are going to play out here. they will either go with the long deserving, well-respected outsider from regina in richie, forcing campbell out the door(possibly paving the way for kavis reed as DC), keeping worman as OC to not interrupt the offensive package, or scenario 2- go with worman instead of campbell or thorpe keeping campbell as DC and thorpe as ST co-ordinator. just my thoughts on a pretty muddy picture of the coaching carousel in the cfl.

something else to think about-if worman feels disrespected in losing out to richie, maybe he leaves and offensive minded berry is the new OC-who the hell knows right?


Thanks for the analysis. I say it's time for Richie Hall to come on-board and restore Edmonton's glory. I always liked Kavis Reed as a player too. Any chance of Matt Dunnigan coming on board a QB coach? :cowboy:

Kavis Reed.

Is he 'ready’ ?

Is he a ‘fit’ ?

… Hmmm?

I Really like Kavis but I don't He think fits here as our DC..
Maybe as a DB Coach Mind you I like Chip Garber Better then Kavis
Garber should stay IMO. I think Edmonton will make Kavis an over to be there DC.

You guys want Kavis Reed back? After his stellar work with the Argos D this past season? :x

Kavis Reed was Hamilton’s DC in 2007, and it was a poor defence.

Kavis Reed was Toronto’s DC in 2008, and it was a poor defence.

What would you call someone who hires him now and expects a different result?

Too may young Dbs going through on the job training in the same backfield

OR You can't make chicken salad out of chicken s**t

Kavis Reed was Toronto's DC in 2008, and it was a poor defence.
Rich Stubler chose to keep all their aging Defensive players and it was his system

Kavis took over with Mike Walker in the background only for the last 8 games.

What would you call someone who hires him now and expects a different result?
A wise man. :D

One who sees that a student's results are ultimately dependent on the student not the teacher.

This just my opinion, Madjack but

it is from close-up watching the man at practice.

and I am a teacher who knows a good one when he sees one.

In fact, the longer I am around the more I take with a grain of salt
the glorification of head coaches by their won/loss records.

or co-ordinators and position coaches by their player's statistics.

A coach who has served an apprenticeship and
coached for many years knows what he is doing.

He may have a great record with one group of players
and be hailed as a winner and yet fail with another group.

Apparently, thats what happened with Denny Creehan in Calgary

and now he is a head Coach at a college program in the States.

It's the players who should get the credit. They play the games.

For a team to be successful (i.e. playoffs, championship,etc.) there has to be the right combo of players and coaches on the same team at the same time.
Vince Lombardi stepped into a situation in Green Bay with most of the right players, he just had to sort them - made Bart Starr his QB, made Paul Hornung, the ex-Notre Dame QB his HB and PK; a few other tweaks and voila NFL championships and the first 2 Super Bowls.
But Vince couldn't repeat his success in Washington.

Chuck Noll had a run of several championships and Super Bowls with Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and the Steel Curtain, but as they aged and with no high draft choices, he couldn't repeat.

The only coach I know who won with 2 or more "dynasties" - Tom Landry in Dallas as he won Super Bowls years apart with dramatically different personnel at key positions.

It would be my wish that all CFL management read Bobby Ackles. He was the consumate builder of the multiple factors that go into making a championship team: Everything from Marketing and Management to hiring, trading and drafting. All the factors have to be in play. My hero is Hugh Campbell!

I am assuming you are referring to the book,

'The Waterboy'

From the Sidelines to the Owner's Box
Inside the CFL, the XFL and the NFL

Bobby Ackles wrote in 2007
co-authored by Mulgrove, SS.

published by John Wiley and Sons Canada Ltd.

A great read for anyone who follows football, or
who likes reading autobiographies of successful people.

Tom Landry won a Super Bowl in 1972 with Roger Staubach at QB
His last Super Bowl that he won was 1978 with....Roger at QB.
Both versions had All Pro guys in Newhouse, Charlie Watters, Cliff Harris, Larry Cole

Teams did not change as dramatically back then as they do now

You are correct, sir.
I was mistaken, I thought Dallas with Danny White QB and Landry as coach won a Super Bowl or 2; they just got deep into the playoffs, but never to a Super Bowl.