DC as DB

...could be the CFL drama story of the week, which is just how DC would have it...

...controversy swirls with Jones decision to keep Duron in his current DB position, even though rider fans gnash their teeth and tear their garments against the head coach's wisdom, the rest of the CFL fandom stares on perplexed, and June Jones wrings his hands in glee at the prospect of what Speedy Banks might be able to profit from this situation...with his top button fixed on his golf shirt, Chris Jones says 'have no fear, a bit of technique work is all that's required'.....is it? can he plug this apparent gaping hole in his defense inside of five days? can he honestly say that DC is more important to his team running 3 to 5 yards behind receivers than being one himself?

...one thing is certain, Chris Jones doesn't care what you think

Always thought as an emergency DB having Carter ready to go was a good decision by Jones . Thought it was innovative for the modern CFL with such a bigger roster than years gone by where playing both ways was unnecessary .

Not playing him at his natural receiver position where he has been good and can stretch the field with great catches seems kinda weird .

...it definitely paid off in spades against the Stamps last year in their final meeting...but now it seems like an experiment CJ is trying to force...IMO dude's too stubborn to admit it isn't working out as planned...

I don't get this quote from DC. Does he understand how scoring works in football?

“They didn’t really do anything. They scored 23 points on (five) field goals

I think he is great insurance, but shouldn't be a starter. I think he could be a very good starter at CB in time....but when asked who would win if Carter was covering Carter....guess who Carter said would win? And the winner of that battle should be the position he plays....WR.

For a guy who's quickly developed a reputation as a guy who's willing to impart cheap shots and late hits to guys, Duronka is pathetically anemic in bumping a guy at the line - or within the 5 yd zone - in order to slightly impede a speedster, enabling a slower DB (like DC) to provide tighter 1 on 1 coverage!

This is it...he doesn't presently have that press presence. for actual coverage he is actually alright, but he is lost on initial alignment.

...so do you think that alignment/LOS-5yrd contact is something that can be taught in the span of a few days? not impossible I suppose...

Stupid move by Chris Jones! He takes a guy who has the talent and physical skills to be the best receiver in the CFL, and he plays him at cornerback. ::slight_smile:

It would be easier to find a real DB to play the position.

No fan of Chris Jones, but I think it was originally part of playing to DC's ego (you are so good you can be a two-way player), using DC as an extra/emergency DB ... but full-time DB and essentially no snaps on offence is ... what's that word ... STUPID


I think if you zoned him up he would be fine.
I think if you put him against a bigger body who does not have the burst and shiftiness he would be fine.
Heck, maybe if he plays there for half the season he will be fine (I doubt it).

I think that they said it well here: