DBs look back for ball, please!

Why is that our DBs refuse to look back for the ball?
Bo Smith is notorious for that, but so are others. The coverage is usually good, but I can't tell you how many TDs and/or long gains could have been prevented if they just looked back for the ball.

I couldnt agree more!!

I think the reason they aren't looking back is because they're getting outrun and are trying to gain ground on the receiver. Happens alot with Bo Smith.

Too true. Of course, when you have a competent Safety... :wink:

Sandy's play has been much better of late. He seems to be in better position to make plays. He still does not have good closing speed, but his tackling sure has improved...

Because if I'm the receiver, the second the DB takes his eyes off me, I bust a move and lose him...see ya!
Once a DB gets burned that way a few times, his eyes stay glued on the receiver.

One game he made a couple of plays like every player is supposed to do.

Last game he was his usual ineffective self removing himself from the play.

Zero tackles with 356 passing yards and alomst 500 yards total offense for Winnipeg.