DB's contributing by returning Punts? Specialists?

Something occurred to me the other day. None of our DB's return kick offs, punts or FG's attempts. It seems that most other teams utilize a DB or two to at least give their regular returners a break & breather. We don't seem to have that capability. Think Burnett in EDM, Johnson in WPG, Cox in MTL, Jackson in SSK.

Also, many other teams have a return specialist that is their primary job while being a 2nd or 3rd string backup at another spot. Think Taylor in CGY, Brown in BC, Guy in MTL.

We have had our starting WR's and RB's returning kicks. No specialists nor no DB's like other teams. I shudder to think if we lost one of these guys on specials. A double blow to 2 phases out of a 3 phase game!

was contemplating this a few weeks ago as well FenderGuys.

Williams, for instance, is a workhorse when it comes to the FGR, PR and WR positions, thus has a much greater risk of incurring injury or burnout than most (which would be devastating beyond belief if occurred)

I think Cortez has decided to use Chevy, Williams and Giggy in the return game because he has the confidence that if one of them does get injured, we have solid depth at receiver and running back that it shouldn't hurt the team that much. I personally never understood the logic that starters should not be returners. They are getting paid to play football and being a kick returner is just a part of the game. If your starting receiver just so happens to be your best returner to (sound familiar?) then put him back on kicks. It just means that one of your best players (if not the best in some cases I am sure) is getting his hands on the ball 1-10 more times a game.

Injuries are a risk on every play in football so I just can't get behind the logic that you aren't putting your best players out there because you are afraid they'll get hurt.

We lost Chevy for this week but the Cats will be fine. Cobourne has been inserted into the lineup, Rutley will be back on kick-offs, the world keeps turning and life goes on. Losing Chevy is going to hurt but it's football and stuff like this is going to happen.

Agree 100% with your statements regarding using your best players/starters on special teams.

I guess what I find interesting is that none of our DB's have return capabilities. I see this as a sign that they are not "playmakers". Wonder if the new arrival, Moss, has this ability seeing as he used to be a receiver, has hands & great sped.

Even though injuries are part of the game & is not something you can control thus worry about, I am concerned about having fresh players out on the field & utilizing specialists or spreading the duties around more position groups would help that.

Have you seen our DBs try to catch a football? Yea it's safe to say they aren't playmakers.

I actually wish Cortez would put Williams back on kick-offs instead of Giggy. Giggy just doesn't have returner instincts from what I have seen and with how bad our defence is and how many points we realistically have to score to win games, field position and finding other ways to put points on the board could go a long way.


No wait. :cry:

"Red Rover, Red Rover. We call Sam Giguere over."

He actually ran diagonally once in Winnipeg in an attempt to get around the strength of the coverage team, rather than trying to blast through them. He needs to do that more often - use his speed to get to a seam and THEN blast upfield.

Yea he ran diagonal...until he reached that thick white line...suppose to make a decision BEFORE you hit that line Sam! Baby steps I suppose :lol:

Giguere seems to almost shy away from contact in some instances. I've seen him lower his shoulder & deliver the blow when's he's one on one with a DB, but on kickoffs, as soon as he approaches the point where coverage meets wedge, he slows down, puts his head down & wraps two arms around the ball. I appreciate the ball security, but that approach will never result in a breaking one for a TD. You rarely ever see any return being brought to the house from a guy that has to break a tackle. It's hit the gap/seam & go. A little hurdle perhaps, but never an out & out broken tackle.

All that being said, there have been no Kickoffs returned for TD's this season from any team across the league. Perhaps coverages have just got better league-wide.

Still disturbs me that no one in our secondary is even a consideration for punt or FG returns. Sure says something about the lack of speed, hands & play-making ability for this group.

I guess what I find interesting is that none of our DB's have return capabilities. I see this as a sign that they are not "playmakers". Wonder if the new arrival, Moss, has this ability seeing as he used to be a receiver, has hands & great sped.
Moss may have opportunity in a return capacity down the road as he is one of the fastest players in the CFL (4.30 @40yds) and has previous success/experience as a KR, receiver, rusher, and defender.

from his Mississippi State bio:
Named the team's Most Valuable Player ... Also named KFC Most Valuable Receiver in the region ... Tied a state record for most kickoff returns in a game and season ... Averaged 20 yards per carry his senior year ... Also had 400 rushing yards and 510 receiving yards for nine touchdowns his senior year

not to mention Vince lettered four years in basketball and was a prominent member of the track and field team.

An all round athlete who may very well be utilized as a KR, PR or backup receiver in the near future as well.

Thanks for that information TangledWeb. I actually feel a bit better already. Hope does that to me! :o